socialmediamanagementAre you finding it difficult to keep track of and effectively manage your content across a broad spectrum of social media platforms? Allowing your content to become redundant – or out-dated – is not an option.  Regularly updated content will inspire your readers to return time and time again.   This steady flow of traffic will help you generate leads and increase sales. If you’re not using a tool to  manage your social media content,  it may be time to start exploring your options.

Here are 4 social media content management tools that can significantly assist you in maintaining your social media presence and your engagement with your client base.

HootSuite allows you to manage campaigns across multiple platforms from your dashboard.  You can monitor conversations on the networks.  You can also access data from Google Analytics and Facebook integration for measuring results of your campaigns via the internet or mobile devices.

 Additional Benefits:

  • Tracking Your Links:   Hootsuite provides its own banded URL shortener called  Using that URL shortener will allow Hootsuite  clicks on all your links.   Hootsuite’s also provides  and reporting that will allow you to view a snapshot of your social media performance.
  • Lead Generation:   HootSuite provides marketers with the ability to track keyword phrases related to their industry.   With Hootsuite, marketers can see what Twitter users are discussing in real-time.   By tracking keywords and discussions, marketers are able to determine if there are any social media users who may need their brand’s product or service.

Buffer allows you to automate your postings on social media networks – exactly how you want them to be done. They provide you with data concerning the level of engagement and the reach of your postings.

Additional Benefits:

  • Community Engagement:  Buffer allows users to edit updates they they go live, adding a personal touch to the update.  Buffer users can encourage engagement with the content they are sharing by asking a question  related to the shared content.   Use this personalization as an opportunity to add a human touch to your brand.
  • Bulk Advanced Scheduling:  Buffer allows users to load up to 50 updates in their buffer for each social media account they are responsible for.  This bulk scheduling option  is a huge time-saver for marketers.   This feature is only available in the Pro version.

Sprout Social uses a single stream inbox to manage your social networks. As such, all your messages are in one place making it easier to respond. It also has tools for you to readily make postings, collaborate and schedule messages to be posted

Additional Benefits:

  • Managing Multiple Identities:   For social media managers who manage more than one account, Sprout Social will make your life easier.  All the tools necessary to manage multiple accounts are conveniently located in one place.
  • Analytics:   Sprout Social provides users with an analytics feature that illustrates the brand’s social media performance.   The data provided gives social media managers an idea of what’s working and what’s not working.

Argyle Social is designed for the savvy B2B marketer, as you are able to analyse sales with your social activities. This makes it easier to contact real prospects and manage your content and social media activities better.

Additional Benefits:

  • Social  InboxArgyle Social  collects all of the activity happening with your social media campaign  (retweets, comments, mentions, and likes) and files them in your inbox.   Social media managers can then review and respond to this activity as if they’re managing their email account.
  • Money Making Opportunity:   Argyle Social allows marketing agencies to resell its software to their clients.  Marketing agencies are also able to manage multiple social profiles within a single tool.

All four of these tools are great for managing your content. These tools also provide you with valuable marketing data that can help you  improve the quality of your content. There are other great tools that may suit your needs as well, so check out Social Flow, SocialBro and Crowd Booster as effective alternatives that may suit your particular needs.

Did we miss any great tools that you’d like to mention?  Sound off in the comments.