B2B content marketingAny business that has tried to create and execute a B2B content marketing strategy knows how challenging it can be to actually carry it out. Someone has to spearhead the plan, money needs to be allocated, time needs to be spent, and resources need to be used. Basically, a lot needs to happen for the content marketing program to be successful.

Unfortunately, most B2B companies—large and small—are ill-equipped to handle content marketing in-house. They feel like they’re constantly playing catch-up to competitors who seem to have a well-oiled content marketing machine. Sound familiar?

Here are four signs it may be time to outsource your B2B content marketing program:

1. You’re too busy to dedicate time

From developing a strategy to writing articles to distributing content, many businesses simply run out of hours in the day to manage content marketing in-house. Time is an often overlooked soft cost of content marketing. When businesses begin to add up the man-hours it takes to see results, they quickly see that their time is better spent doing what they do best. Whether that’s going to networking events or running the sales department, internal staff members should focus on their own mission-critical tasks.

2. You don’t have enough staff

Small businesses suffer from this one the most. They’re simply spread too thin to be able to afford a dedicated marketing person, let alone someone to handle the content creation and distribution. Bob in accounting—who has his own blog and likes to write—probably isn’t the right person to manage the company’s B2B content marketing program. He may be a decent writer, but does he have the skills and expertise needed to write the type of articles that will get noticed by both the search engines and their target audience?

3. You don’t have the right staff

Many medium-sized companies find themselves in a tough position. They have a small marketing department, but these employees may be focused on other marketing activities or don’t have the right SEO copywriting expertise. Outsourcing the writing for their B2B content marketing frees up internal resources to oversee the strategy without having to deal with the more technical aspects.

4. You haven’t seen results yet

If all of the time, money, and staff spent on their content marketing efforts have yet to pay off, frustration has probably set in. It may be time to bite the bullet and make a change. Although results don’t happen overnight, evidence of moving in the right direction should be seen within a few months of implementing a B2B content marketing strategy.

One More Thing to Consider

Many companies drag their feet because they’re afraid someone on the outside won’t be able to capture the voice of the business. This is certainly a valid concern. They need to find the right person or company to manage the program and/or write the articles. Talented article writers and experienced content marketers can easily adopt a company’s persona to connect with its target audience.

What about your business? How did you decide whether to outsource content marketing or manage it in-house? What’s the most sustainable strategy?

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