Much of the information does not reach the objective simply because it has not arrived at the right time. Failure to close its target after spending a lot of energy to produce quality content is frustrating…

Indeed, for your Inbound Marketing strategy to be a success, it is not enough to broadcast quality content, it must be shared when users are connected and they need it! So, how to succeed this feat and optimize your SEO strategy in 2017?


Do you know your clients? You will not be able to capture them if you have not established their habits of information consumption, nor when they take action.

You may already know enough about those on your current list. But do not rest on your laurels! Trends are constantly evolving, the habits of your prospects as well. You must then evolve with your audience.

Every seasoned entrepreneur knows that the customer who buys again becomes potential until the next purchase. Collecting data will allow you to correlate your company’s goals with information held on your prospects.

Extracting these data from your internal sources, social networks, and your website, to analyze them, will allow you to learn more about your clients’ journey, the stages of the purchase cycle and the contents consulted.


But how to analyze this data and use it for your Inbound Marketing strategy? This is best done by experts, such as the Data Scientist, who will set the life cycle (and the value of that cycle) of the prospect.

These professionals, able to segment your market and study the profiles accurately, will identify the path of each of your typical clients and can even carry out predictive analyses.

They will develop a clear pattern of the decision cycle, the intelligence steps and the timing of conversion. This, in the long run, will help you to provide the right content, at the right time, on the right place of distribution.


You have the target, you have his habits, and you have the message, but when to publish it? Since everything on-line is available at any time, you may be wondering what it’s like to schedule dates and times to send information.

Do not forget that your persona buyers are not connected permanently and that you are not alone on the web!

Sending a message too soon, compared to their connection time, will drown you under a thread of other news. Sending publications too often will tire them and push them to unsubscribe. Sending too late a message will cause you to permanently lose a conversion.

Yes, the strategy Inbound Marketing remains a maze of precisions that aim to convert your prospects to the best! These measures are essential to generate more leads and turn them into customers.

Help you analysts’ work, but also analytical tools of social networks to know precisely the habits of the target. Also test by publishing at different times, to know when the users are reactive.

Some will connect early in the morning, having their breakfast, and come back in the evening after dinner. Others will take advantage of their 10-hour break to check their personal emails and have a social networking tour around lunchtime.

Sometimes, especially among professionals, it is possible to observe two phases of connection: the one to personal social networks, which will be done in public transport and on weekends, and that dedicated to professional platforms, upon arrival at work, during a waiting period between appointments, etc.


Once you have analyzed your data, you know exactly who to target what type of content and when. But in what form?

Again, a user may not and will not necessarily want to see the same information as a person on a computer. Try to download an ebook to your smartphone … it’s often difficult!

A mobile consultant with his Twitter feed will rather read a computer graphic, watch a video or view a blog post. Conversely, a surfer surfing quietly on Facebook at night will be more willing to download an ebook, read a case study or feedback.

The mode of diffusion is clearly involved in the perception of the message. The period specified for a specific content type must be in symbiosis with the browsing mode and mood of the prospect. This is again the work of analysts and has construction experience your buyer’s persona that will help to optimize the broadcast format.

The right time is both the time your customers read you and the one that reads to them. Optimizing the distribution of your content depends on the need to be in phase with your audience. This is why it is necessary to regularly analyze the data left by your leads, to test different types of content, in order to gradually create a map of the experience punctuated by the cycle of the decision of your prospects. The more accurate it is, the more your content will guarantee the performance of your Inbound Marketing strategy.