A blog is arguably the most powerful weapon in a tour or activity business’ online marketing arsenal. A well-managed blog is a pulsing online content hub, forming the backbone of a powerful web presence. Quality blog content makes it easier for people to find you and interact with you, boosts your reputation and proliferates your brand story. Here are 4 reasons why tour and activity operators should be blogging:

#1 It’s Easier for People to Find You

What good is it when you offer amazing services but nobody knows you exist?

A blog is like a giant magnet drawing people to your site. Blog content can be distributed all over the web, making it easier for people to discover your services.

How to use a blog to get found online:

  • Base your content on the core keywords and topics related to your business – this will improve search engine rankings for search terms related to your business.
  • Share your blog content on social media sites like Facebook.
  • Re use your blogs. Offer to write guest blog posts on relevant external blogs. Does your local visitor centre or Tourist board have a blog? Perhaps there is a online magazine for your type of tour or activity. Contact them and offer to write some blog content for them.

#2 It’s Easier for People to Interact with You

Humans are naturally social beings – we’re successful because of our advanced ability to communicate.

A blog enables you to communicate with potential and returning customers on a far greater scale than ever before. It is an immensely powerful tool for building meaningful relationships with prospects and customers.

How to use a blog to interact with prospects and customers:

  • Use your blog to illustrate your passion and excitement about what you do. Use it to inspire people to want to “give it a go.”
  • Provide ‘behind the scenes’ content to show the human side of your business
  • Address frequently asked questions
  • Share customer stories (preferably with accompanying photos & videos)
  • Enable comments and make the effort to respond to all comments

#3 It Boosts Your Reputation

You might have the best prices, but if you’ve got a bad reputation it won’t count for much.

Brand reputation has enormous influence on buyer decisions. Quality blog content can help you to build authority and establish a reputation as an industry leader.

How to build your reputation with a blog:

  • Write ‘how-to’ articles about your speciality area
  • Write about news and trends in your market area
  • Provide commentary on industry news
  • Share customer success stories to provide social proof

#4 It Enables You to Tell Your Story

Humans have been sharing knowledge & ideas through stories from the very beginning. Stories always have and always will, resonate with people.

Every business has a story behind it and having a blog gives you the opportunity to tell yours.

How to tell your story through your blog:

  • Write about why you started your business
  • Write bios about the founders of your business
  • Incorporate photos and videos to bring your story to life

A Company That’s Given Blogging A Go

tour operator blog

An example of a tour company that has committed to blogging is Aussie Farmstay & Bush Adventures. They’ve written a collection of engaging posts on relevant topics, including both informative and personalised content. Their efforts have been rewarded with great search engine rankings, with their website appearing on the front page of Google for various keyword phrases.

However, one area that could be improved is their online booking system (or lack thereof). We’ve already explained how an online reservation system can reap great benefits, but they’re certainly not alone in that regard.

Are you thinking “I can’t write, I’ll never be able to do this?”

Blogging doesn’t have to be scary and time consuming. Remember, you are writing about something you love; share your passion and enthusiam!

  • It only has to be 400-800 words, you’re not writing a novel!
  • Use lots of photos and video if possible, “a picture tells a thousand words.”
  • None of your readers expect you to be writing the next literary masterpiece, don’t overthink it. Be yourself.
  • Set aside the same spot in your diary every week to write a blog. Publish every week without fail. Make it part of your routine. Do you think better in the mornings over your first coffee or at the end of day over a glass of red wine?
  • Keep a notebook handy, or add a note into your smartphone to jot down ideas as and when they come to you.

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How many of you blog regularly? What are your biggest challenges when it comes to blogging?