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Content marketing has risen to become a key component in any marketing strategy, with its success expected to further expand in 2014. Below, we look at four myths about content marketing that you should be wary not to be deceived by:

Content Marketing is a Cheap Alternative to Promote a Business

A viral hit can be a fantastic – and inexpensive – way to promote a business and the services it offers, but gaining that type of rapid circulation is few and far between. For the rest of us, a constant slog over a period of years is necessary to build brand awareness. As a result, this type of dedicated marketing endeavor should be budgeted in accordance to your promotional needs.

While it might not prove to be as costly as, say, an advertising slot on TV or a cold-calling campaign, it is difficult to compare them in the first place. All you need to know is that a sophisticated, professional content marketing strategy cannot be done on the cheap.

Content Marketing is a Commodity

Some companies observe content marketing as simply another product that can be purchased like other products. Kind of like YouTube views, Facebook likes, Twitter followers etc. But people don’t just want to view any ordinary, fluff pieces of content. They want something that is worthwhile and engaging (like this article).

If you go in haphazardly with your content marketing and feel it is fine to try and buy your way to success, then do not expect any sort of noticeable results. Getting an individual/team on board that has the experience, enthusiasm and dedication to work on your businesses content is important. Their Collaboration with you and your philosophy can give you the content marketing success desired.

Marketing with Content Isn’t Time Consuming

Although it is understandable that a business aims to get results fast, there are no shortcuts with content marketing. If you just analyze it, then you will realize why that is the case. I mean, have a look at the below list of some of the procedures involved when it comes to content marketing:

  • Developing a strategy for your content
  • Keyword/market research
  • Continual creation of content
  • Implementation of SEO
  • Promoting content with social media/email/search marketing
  • Analyzing the performance of content

As you can see, content marketing is not a quick procedure!

It Is All Nice and Easy

Some misguided souls may believe that content marketing is an easy, pain-free form of promotion when compared to other methods that are available. However, a lot of hard graft and commitment is all part of the content marketing system. As mentioned in the previous point, there are no shortcuts – a lot of continuous time needs to be put aside for content marketing that is successful.

And by continuous, we mean it. There are no end dates for content marketing; it essentially runs until your business ceases operating.

Yet, this should not deter anyone from content marketing. Despite the time, effort and cost involved, the process will recompense you in the long run. You just have to stick with it and persevere!