What do all pieces of great content have in common? They all include the essential elements of a good story. Readers are drawn to this type of article and it can resonate with them long after an initial read. Whether you’re writing a pitch, blog post or even a social media update, you’ll benefit from including these four common elements of a good story.

Theme (Know Your Industry)

One of the first elements of a good story is to set the tone.

One of the first elements of a good story is to set the tone, or theme of the piece. This is an important step because if you are not fully informing your audience about the world your company lives in, they may not understand the message you are trying to get across. Know your industry and audience well so you can target content to them appropriately.

Plot (Know Your Story)

In fiction writing, the plot is the main conflict or struggle of a novel that leads readers along in the story. In corporate communications, a good business article does not have to contain a struggle but should offer the audience something of value or a piece of news they previously had not known. Before you begin to write your content, be sure you know the main message you want readers to take away after they read it.

Structure (Present Readable Content)

The way you structure your content is one of the elements of a good story. If you are unable to organize information and present it to readers in easy-to-understand chunks, you risk losing them to those who can communicate the message better. If you have a large piece of research, you can break it up into smaller posts and share it on social media. Likewise, if you have a blog article, present it in easily digestible sections.

Characters (Include Your Audience)

In all good stories, it’s important to have solid characters.

In all good stories, it’s important to have solid characters. Letting readers and fans into your world is a great way to include them and make them a player in your story. You will also be able to establish industry credibility, making you a top influencer in your field.

Theme, plot, structure and characters are all important elements of a good story. Including these tactics in your content creation will ensure the message resonates well with readers. What do you make sure to include each time you publish content for your audience?