Do you know what the best way to attract steady traffic to your website is? Create evergreen content.

Evergreen content is nothing but those content that never goes out of trend and remains relevant for your audience for a really long time. And as such, it continues to bring in some solid traffic to your website even long past your publish date.

When you have steady traffic to your website, it also becomes easy for you to reach your conversion goals faster. However, creating such content can be challenging, especially when you don’t know what type of content can help you stay relevant for long. But you don’t have to worry anymore.

Just check out these easy ways to create some robust evergreen content and gain more steady traffic to your site. Let’s get started.

1. Create Case Studies

Case studies never go out of trend. Most users look for information to learn something new. And in doing so, many of them look for data-driven content.

Such content usually captures a range of perspectives and offers you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of a specific matter. And because of that, it decreases the chance of any bias that can arise from other forms of content that are created with just a single perspective.

Marketers use case studies as social proof to help users make better buying decisions. That’s why buyers look for such content before making a purchase or taking any major decision. So if you haven’t yet created any case studies for your website, get started now. It’s a great evergreen content idea to bring in steady traffic to your website.

2. Publish Product Reviews

Another brilliant evergreen content idea for steady traffic is a product review. If you’re into the eCommerce business, you definitely have created product reviews before.

Product reviews are important for the marketer as well as the buyer. From a buyer’s point of view, it can help you understand the product better and get a detailed context of the product or service you are about to purchase. But instead of looking for reviews created by the marketer themselves, most buyers prefer reading reviews that come directly from real users. They find it easier to trust such reviews because they aren’t created for any promotional or advertising intent. They look for them with the hope of being able to make a better purchase decision.

For marketers, on the other hand, reviews can help build credibility, boost product visibility, increase traffic and boost sales. One way to leverage product reviews for constant steady traffic is to accept user-generated content in terms of reviews on your website.

Encourage your users to leave a review of the product they have purchased from you. Reward them for it through redeemable points and discount codes. They will be more than happy to write a few words for you in exchange for these rewards.

3. Use Reddit to Draw Engagement

Did you know that if your content has good engagement on Reddit, it’s more likely to become evergreen? Most Reddit users are interested in news items and trending videos. These users come to the platform with the intention of discovering new content on different topics.

But in doing so, they don’t really focus on when the article was originally published. They mainly aim at discovering content that is relevant, interesting and helps them learn something new, even if it was published years ago. So you can use Reddit as a platform to test whether your content has the potential to become evergreen in the upcoming time.

4. Use the Current Year in the Title

Another way to make your content evergreen is to use the current year in your post title. Adding the current year to your post titles helps increase the relevance of the content. So people are more likely to click on the post with the current year over another post with no year on it.

So if you haven’t added the year to the title of your post yet, start adding it now. It will help you keep your content relevant throughout the year.

So these are some of the easy ways to create evergreen content for your business. If you know of any other hack that can increase the relevance of your content, do let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.