It’s really a waste you know…

Sending all that traffic to a landing page only to have people not buying who would have bought if only the copy was compelling enough.

It hurts like hell I know… not just emotionally but also hurts your sales which also hurts you emotionally especially when you know that most people you visit your page will probably never come back again.

You want to know how most businesses mess it up? Here’s how…

Trying to Sell from the First Line

Let me write a headline that sells they say. If only that were true…

Sure, you could write a headline compelling enough that gets someone who’s in a rush to buy but that’s not the purpose for the headline.

Your headline’s purpose is to get people to read the first paragraph.

And your first paragraph is to get people to read the second paragraph.

And so on.

Writing in the First & Third Person

When you write copy, you want to write in the second person. Address the person like they’re in front of you. Don’t address them like they’re a crowd. It alienates them so use more “You” in your copy.

Just imagine your prospect is standing right in front of you. Then write.

You Try to Sound Professional

Honestly you just sound like a robot who’s trying to be smart. It’s funny how people change the words they use as soon when they come to write copy.

They start to use all these big technical words and start to show off their vocabulary. But if they were to speak with their prospect face to face, they wouldn’t sound anything like that. Why?

What’s difference between talking to them on the internet or face to face? I mean it’s the same person so why the change? Same person, same speaking… therefore same writing too.

Hesitating with the CTA

When you write a Call to Action (CTA) such as “Grab Your Copy Now” you want to make sure you include more than one for a few reasons:

  • Not everyone will read your copy from top to bottom. A lot of people will just skim through it – so it’s good to place more than one CTA
  • Everyone is different and not everyone is ready to buy from the first CTA. So, sprinkle them throughout your copy – but not too early.
  • You may want to test what CTA works best and which one got the most clicks. That will get you to understand what works best with your audience for the future.

Don’t be afraid appearing like a pushy salesperson when you include a few CTA’s on your page… but also don’t overdo it.

For most pages, 2 or 3 will usually do the trick.


Remember you’re helping them when you sell to them. You’re exchanging value.

But you can only do that if you hone your selling skills, whether that be on the web, in print or face to face. It’s all about knowing how to communicate that value effectively.

Otherwise, how else will they know that what you’re offering can help them?

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