There’s more content than ever before being published. There are more videos being uploaded, more infographics being distributed and more research papers making it to the Internet than we’ve ever seen. So in order to stand out, you have to have exceptional content (easier said than done) and a flawless promotion plan. It’s not easy, but you can start by making sure you’re not making any of these common mistakes.

1. Failing to go Multiscreen

The average user picks up their smartphone 221 times a day and amongst the activities carried out is browsing for content, products and services.

Mobile is nothing new, of course. But there’s still a remarkable amount of all singing all dancing desktop content being produced that doesn’t have the same experience for users on other devices.

This is of paramount importance if your main promotion channel is social media.

2. Getting the Audience Wrong

Even the greatest content in the world is destined for failure if it is put in front of the wrong audience.

We live in a time when it’s pretty easy to get an almost creepy amount of information about your target audience. There are plenty of tools to help you research your content audience, including Facebook Audience Insights and YouGov Profiles.

YouGov Profiles

Spend time at the outset of a project getting to know your audience, their wider interests, the platforms and publications they read and where they spend time online. This is all vital information.

3. Being Led by Format

There are so many all-singing-all-dancing pieces of content out there now that it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that whatever you produce must be visual or even interactive in some way.

But some of the most linked to, engaged with and viewed content on the web remains text content. Yet many businesses begin their content marketing projects by deciding upon the format. E.g:

“We’re going to make an infographic,” or “We’re going to make a guide.”

I’m not saying you shouldn’t make your content look the best you can. But format should come after the concept. Ultimately, format should just be the best vehicle for telling your story or making your point, so beginning any project with a format first approach could result in wasted investment.

4. Not Investing in Promotion

With such a saturated content landscape, excellence isn’t necessarily enough to be seen. Yet I still see plenty of examples of content marketing investment all being allocated to production and promotion being some sort of after thought.

Promotion planning should begin before you go into production and a multi tactical approach gives you several channels through which to promote. Of course, manual outreach and getting in touch with contacts to make them aware of your content is one tactic, but paid promotion tactics like Adwords for content planning or some of these content distribution platforms give you scale.

Whichever you way you go about promotion, be sure to plan early and have a clear idea of how you’ll reach your audience from the outset.