New Balance

New Balance is a U.S. company that specialises in selling sports shoes to men, women, and children. Based in Boston, the company was founded in 1906 and has gone on to become one of the world’s greatest sports footwear manufacturers, with a massive outreach and dedicated client following.

New Balance is world-renowned for creating meaningful content that delights customers whilst fulfilling business goals, whether through its website, social media or email marketing. Read on to discover 4 top content marketing lessons we can learn from this major brand:

  1. Tread carefully with wording

The number one way to appeal directly to your target market is to use language that resonates with them, and New Balance does this incredibly well. Through the careful combination of wording and images, the company manages to successfully and consistently appeal to its target market.

Don’t lose sight of basic rules when it comes to speaking to your customers. Use language they can relate to, always promote your most unique product features and avoid using internal language that is supposed to be reserved for your employees only.

There’s no use speaking in a tone that appeals to you but has absolutely nothing in common with your target audience; they will be immediately put off and will not want to engage with your content.


  1. Arm your followers with the highest level of knowledge

People who are committed to your brand by subscribing to your email contact list are the most loyal, vocal and knowledgeable members of your contact base. These people have invested time to get to know your brand and want to be given as much high-quality information about it as possible.

Keep this in mind when crafting email newsletters. Craft your emails in such a way that when people talk about your brand, they do so in the most positive and rewarding way possible. Answer all of their questions in your newsletters and provide them with links to your blog, website and social media pages. This will cement their loyalty in your brand over the long term.

  1. Always follow through on a promise

If people have subscribed to your email marketing list then it’s essential that you follow through by creating engaging, meaningful content. Following through sets a high standard for future interactions and is likely to make first-time customers become repeat ones.

New Balance has active social media pages including Facebook and Instagram pages with more than 1 million followers. The company also has an active YouTube page with thousands of subscribers. Their customer support is second to none and they are very quick to respond to customer feedback, comments and complaints.

  1. Focus on what your business can offer that others cannot

Finally, in this competitive environment where businesses are fighting for the limelight, it’s absolutely essential to find a unique selling point that other businesses do not offer. If your logo were to be placed on a competitor’s product, would your followers be able to know the difference? Establish what your business can do for your customers that other businesses cannot, and focus wholeheartedly on this.

New Balance footwear is distinctive, unique and aesthetically appealing. The company has created an inspirational line of sports footwear that is immediately recognisable. Furthermore, their shoes are praised for their high-quality, comfort, lightness and flexibility. These are qualities that any runner or sports enthusiast will look for in a training shoe.

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