4 Reasons to Write Your Book Now (Get it off the Bucket List)

Has anyone ever said to you, “Hey, you should write a book”? Or how about, “I’d read a book about that”. Maybe if no one has said it, maybe you’ve thought, “I could totally write a better book than he/she did”.

If you’ve heard or thought any of those things, I have a question for you. If you should or could write a book but haven’t – why not? If your answer is, “I’m too busy”, “I don’t know how”, or “It’s on my bucket list”, you’re not alone. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a good answer. In fact, I’d be willing to be that for many of you, it isn’t. Writing a book should not be on a bucket list; it should be on your To Do List. Here are just a few reasons why.

There Is More Support Than Ever

If one of the reasons you haven’t written a book is you don’t know how to start or what to do you’re in luck, because that’s actually one of the easiest issues to overcome. There are more resources available now than most people will probably ever need. From writing to publishing to promoting, if you want to get it done, you can find the help you need I guarantee it.

Being an Author Creates Credibility and Trust

If you have a business (or you would like to) based on expertise like coaching, consulting, teaching or training, having a book can is still an excellent marketing tool. Even though the death of books is proclaimed every other day it seems, there are still plenty of people who view authors with respect and admiration. A book can be a great point of introduction to your work and a nice foot in the door for publicity opportunities too.

You Do Not Have to Write the Be All End All Book on Your Topic

Some people put writing a book on their bucket list because they believe it is a huge, overwhelming project and who has time for that? The good news here is your book does not have to be the definitive guide or hundreds of pages long. It can be if you wish, but it really isn’t necessary. Readers now have shorter attention spans and many are used to reading online, so shorter books are actually becoming more popular.

Don’t make the writing part harder than it needs to be. It is perfectly fine to write a book of 150 pages, or even 90 or 100. If you write just a little each day or each week, you will likely finish faster than you ever thought you could.

The Biggest Reason: If Your Book Will Help or Inspire Someone, You Need to Write It

Many years ago, writing and publishing a book was only for an elite, educated or chosen few, but that is far from the case today. As we discussed earlier, there’s more support and more options available than at any time in the history of publishing. If you want to get a book out there, there it can be done, plain and simple.

Lastly, but most importantly, if your book will help, teach, encourage or inspire someone else, not only can you get it out there, many would say, you must. There are people who are waiting for your message or your guidance. Even if others have written on the topic, your insight might be the only one that resonates with a certain person or group. If you don’t write your book, who will reach those people, and if you don’t write, what will they miss or live without knowing?

Now back to where we started. Is writing a book on your bucket list?