Your website is only as good as the information it provides. Content writing can be challenging, but this is a skill that every content marketer or blogger should try and master. One of the biggest tests that you will certainly encounter, as a content writer, is the creation of quality content on a regular basis.

Aside from that…

… there’s more challenges as your page only has 3-5 seconds to capture the attention of your target audience. This is because we’ve become so distracted with online content that it requires great content writing efforts to garner our attention.

Think about the books and articles you have read, the videos you have watched, and podcasts you’ve listed to. It’s really your visitor’s initial exposure to your content that’ll determine whether to spend time on your website or not.

Currently, there is so much competition online. You not only have to create content that’s informative and valuable but entertaining as well.

How can you create website content that will stand out from the crowd?

Create an efficient content strategy. Plan the what, when, where, and why before posting anything on your website or blog. Always keep your buyer personas in mind when developing your content strategy because it’ll help you stay focused.

Make sure everything is planned and calculated. Each page or post must reach your objectives, but your content must also solve the pain points of your website visitors.

Below are four tips for creating a solid, customer-oriented content strategy that will ensure the success of your website or blog.

1.) Create unique, original content

Stop the habit of rehashing the words of your competitors. The idea of “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” will not serve you well with your content creation. Write only about the things you know or specialize in, and what your target audience is asking for.

This is the only way to keep your site visitors returning to your website to view the new content material.

If you don’t have something worthy to share, then it’s best not to share it. Sharing trash will diminish your overall market value and expert prestige as someone with great content writing skills.

If Google detects that your content is rewritten from content else, or plagiarized, your website will show up at the darkest corners of the search engine never to be seen.

To keep this from happening, make sure you create unique and original content that you can be proud of.

2.) Strong headlines go a long way

According to Copyblogger, 80% of online viewers read headlines, but only 20% actually read the article. Expert content writers use headlines as fishing bait. If the headline is catchy and interesting, it will drive many clicks and viewers to your website.

As a content writer, you need to continuously practice writing attention grabbing headlines.

Your content headlines need to be specific to the topic and tell how the reader will benefit. Making bold promises are also helpful and should be included in your headline because it shows your authority. Don’t make a promise that you can’t keep!

If you’re going to make a promise to the reader then deliver on your promise within the body of the article.

When writing an effective headline for a blog post be sure to write 5-10 different variations of the same headline. Ask your team or colleagues to discuss with you the best headline possible. Choose the best one that’ll grab the attention of your readers.

When coming up with headlines for your articles, use formulas or formats to help you with the process.

Below is a list of example headline types you can use today to get started:

  1. The List type – Uses a number in the headline followed by the word tips, tricks, simple, etc.
    Example: “6 Ways to Teach Your Dog New Tricks Fast”
  2. The How-To type – This format teaches the readers how to do something.
    Example: “How To Make a Delicious Apple Pie From Scratch in 15 Minutes”
  3. The Accuser type – This format accuses the reader of possible doing something wrong
    Example: “Avoid Using These Common Mistakes When Writing Headlines”
  4. The Question type – This format promises to answer a compelling question
    Example: “Will More Companies Focus on Content Marketing in 2017?”
  5. The Secret type – This format is designed to make the reader curious about the topic
    Example: “4 Amazing Content Writing Secrets to Enhance Your Blog Posts” :)

You can also use a combination of two headline types like I did for the headline of this article you’re reading now. This provides more of a compelling offer and really sparks the interest of the reader to want to learn more.

3.) Don’t hesitate to use graphics

A basic fact that you should keep in mind is that every person learns differently. Some are more accustomed to learning by reading huge chunks of text. Others are more comfortable looking at graphs, images, and videos.

Don’t be afraid to add more colors and visuals to your content. Photos and videos make your blog post visually appealing. They can also help you lessen the word count within your page, therefore making it more concise and reader-friendly.

When looking at modern textbooks, you’ll find the use of illustrations to help drive home the point of the content. The reason is because graphics can also help reinforce the information being provided in the article.

Make sure that any photo or video added to your blog posts are relevant to the topic being discussed.

The content on your website or blog post is King; it’s what people look for when they visit your website because they want to solve a problem. By keeping this in mind, you are one step closer to a strong content creation strategy.

Your content writing skills will help capture the attention needed to increase viewers to your website. More viewers equate to more leads, and more leads result into more sales for your business blog. Graphics can help tie all of your content together.

4.) Make sure your content has a Call-To-Action

Some of the best articles on the Internet are the ones that lead their readers to take action. People usually read online articles due to actually wanting to improve aspects of their life. They turn to Google to search for information that will help them solve their problems.

Make your content actionable, in the sense that your audience will always have something to take away and apply in their lives.

Content writing is the tool to help your viewers make the decision to take action. This could come in the form of signing up for your newsletter or simply downloading an eBook. Your call-to-action could also be to leave a blog comment on their favorite blog posts.

Social sharing the content, if your viewer finds it helpful, is also a call-to-action you could encourage.

Do not think that telling your visitors what to do is somehow degrading to them. In fact, it helps them tremendously! Why? Because your readers are distracted by so much online content.

Asserting your authority on topics that you’re supposed to be an expert gives your viewers assurance that the material is trustworthy.

When your audience develops confidence in your content, they will surely keep coming back for more. If they come back for more, then give yourself a pat on the back because your content writing is serving its purpose.

There you have it. I have laid out four content writing secrets that you can utilize today. If this article was helpful, please share it by clicking one of the social sharing buttons on this web page.

I’d also love to hear from you! What kind of troubles are you facing when coming up with compelling headlines that capture your audience’s attention? Is your blog posts getting the readership you would like? What can you do today to enhance the content value to your readers?