Repurposing content is a great way to get more bang for your marketing buck, and video is no exception. Here are three simple ideas to consider.

repurpose-video-content-marketingWhen it comes to content marketing, many of the challenges organizations face are closely tied to resources – staff, time, and skillset. With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to try to get as much value as possible from the content you create and the topics you cover?

Creating professional online presentations for video marketing is already incredibly easy with Brainshark. But once your videos have been published and shared – what’s next? Here are three ways to repurpose your videos to help generate more content and extend the reach of your messaging.

#1. Transform video content into various text-based assets. We talk a lot of about repurposing text content into video, but the other way around works as well. While on-demand video presentations provide an excellent way to engage with your audience, savvy marketers should be on the lookout for other opportunities and channels to leverage that content.

For example:

  • Turn a cool how-to video into a new blog post that breaks down the steps with screen shots
  • Take videos with lots of cool data points and use that information to create a visual infographic
  • Use the information presented in an on-demand webinar to create a new whitepaper that your audience can download

#2. Utilize customer testimonials. Real-life stories from customers are one of the best ways to add a personal touch to the value of your products or services, and video is the perfect format for relaying those messages. But why only use these great stories once?

Testimonials can be adapted into lots of different content assets. For example, you could include relevant quotes from past testimonials in future video presentations, and transcribe and compile multiple testimonials into a “success stories” eBook. (For example, check out this eBook featuring testimonials from customers in the Financial Services industry.) In this post, Paula Crerar outlines some cool and unique ways to repurpose your best testimonial content.

#3. Curate your videos on multiple landing pages. Content curation has become one of the most popular tactics in content marketing, as it allows you to compile and organize a bunch of previously created content items and present them on a landing page as a fresh resource.

Have a series of related videos? Post them to a single page and make it easier for your audience to find them. Or maybe you have a slew of videos that cover different aspects of the same topic? Try organizing them into a unique resource guide that you can promote to customers and prospects.

Landing pages have no rules, so you have the freedom to get really creative here. You can try a mixture of both text and video-based content, thought leadership and promotional – whatever makes sense for your goals. For example, we create lots of landing pages at Brainshark that not only highlight our own best content, but also other cool resources from around the web that our audience would be interested in (here is one resource page around sales enablement).

Whenever you are creating a new marketing video in Brainshark, be mindful of the different ways that information can be presented. And if you’ve followed the best practices for scripting your videos ahead of time, you’ll find that most of your work has already been done for you!