Mother has a new little helper, and it’s called a smartphone.

In the age of on-the-go moms, women seem to make it from pregnancy to early childhood stages, all while cooking great meals, working, planning trips, buying homes and generally running the show in their households (and did I mention looking great while doing it?).

But how do they do it all? The answer is simple: the availability of helpful, on-the-go content.

If your content marketing strategy doesn’t account for the mobile and social habits of today’s mom, you might be missing out. After all, moms represent a $2.4 trillion market and women as a whole control more than 80 percent of US spending.

More than that, 90 percent of moms are online, and 78 percent use the internet to research a product before buying. With those stats, it’s no surprise that they typically make the final decision for big family purchases like cars, homes and computers. In other words, Mother not only knows best, she doesn’t hesitate to say it.

But despite representing such a large and profitable market, 91 percent of women said they don’t feel understood by advertisers.

Let’s look at how to avoid that fate in your mommy content marketing.

Get Mobile

Moms aren’t just getting online with their phones; they’re making decisions with them. More than 90 percent of moms own a cell phone or smart phone, according to the Demand Media Interest Index. Each day, moms spend an average of 6.1 hours on their smartphones and the majority use shopping apps.

Moral of the story: make your content mobile friendly. Prioritize the mobile experience and ensure moms can easily access your brand on their smartphone. (If you’re using WordPress, there are many plugins to make your site mobile responsive.)

When it comes to the type of content you create, make sure you’re offering bite-sized nuggets of information she can read on the go. Make it informative and visual: think images, videos and infographics.

Also, think about where and when she’s going to be using this content. For example, if you tend to offer recipes, translate the ingredients into a printable shopping list.

And while you’re perfecting your mobile presence, go for a multi-platform approach. About 97 percent of moms who have a tablet made a purchase on it in the last month. She’s multitasking constantly, so your content should too.

Become a Social Butterfly

Chances are, if she’s on her phone, Mom is checking out social sites and paying attention to what other moms are doing. Nearly 90 percent of moms use their smartphones to check social media. She’s looking to get questions answered, discover new brands, research products and search for family activities.

This is especially true of Facebook and Pinterest, where moms often look daily to discover new products and deals. In fact, moms are 38 percent more likely to become a fan or follow a brand online.

When it comes to creating social content, become a resource she can’t live without. Offer the following:

  • Buy-ins and recommendations from other mom bloggers.
  • A community that gives back.
  • Exclusive rewards and discounts for followers.
  • Answers to her questions.

Learn From Others

We can talk about creating great mom content all day, but sometimes you just need tangible examples of brands that are doing it well.

Weelicious: Focuses on offering moms quick, easy and nutritious recipes that appeal to all ages (we’re talking infants to adults). They’ve got a mobile app that makes prepping weeknight meals easy with recipes and shopping lists at your fingertips.


4moms: For the techie mom who wants the latest in baby gadgets (like an origami stroller that probably has more features than my car). They also offer content that pairs with their products, like a bath time playlist to pair with their infant tub product.


And while this brand mainly makes futuristic strollers and cribs, it also spends time curating a social community and enlisting the help of mom bloggers for product giveaways.


Red Tricycle: A site full of kid- and mom-focused activities. The site also has Facebook pages geared toward major cities and regions, so moms can tap into events offered by their local community. Win, win!


Still not sure how to target moms with content marketing? We’ve got you covered with 5 tips to help you get started. Trust us: we’ve learned a ton of content marketing lessons from parenting.