Fantastic website content is by far one of the most attractive features that has the power to boost traffic. Great content isn’t simply a well-written piece of text, great content marketing is a combination of factors, as outlined below.

What does Compelling Content Marketing do?

Compelling content marketing has the power to generate high-quality backlinks to your website, which can easily turn into paying customers. This type of content:

  • Is specifically targeted to your precise target market
  • Is presented on a beautiful web design that is clean, modern and professional
  • Has visual features including images, videos, infographics and diagrams
  • Inspires people, making them feel that they have truly gained something from reading the article

In a society where information is coming towards us from all angles, achieving the above is a challenge, but it is possible. Outlined below are some top tips on how to produce compelling, traffic generating content:

content writing

  1. Lists

People love lists. They are easy to browse through and scan and do not require the individual to read the entire text. Top 10 lists are easy to compile, so try to think a little further outside the box. If people see a post such as, ‘25 Places to Travel to Before you Hit 40’ or ’50 ways to Cut Expenses’ they will feel immediately interested and compelled to learn more.

  1. Visual Content

An increasing emphasis is being placed on the visual, which is why so many visually orientated social media platforms have become so successful. As such, make sure that your content is not only interesting and compelling on a verbal level, but also a visual one.

Incorporate infographics, images, statistics, quizzes, questionnaires and videos into your content to appeal to that portion of your readership who are largely visual learners. This ensures that you do not cut out a huge potential target market and that are appealing to the widest user base possible.

  1. Case Studies

Case studies provide immense value to readers as they contain useful and shareable information. An in-depth case study is more likely to be shared by people and go viral, as it offers a solution to a problem, rather than simply providing an opinion on the case.

To create articles of this nature you first need to be clear on your exact target market. You then need to perform comprehensive research so that your guide is as detailed and thorough as possible.

Got any other tips on creating great content for your precise target audience? Let us know in the comments section below!