How to Celebrate Content Marketing Success

You’ve met a milestone in your content marketing strategy – congrats! So, how can you celebrate your success in a way that reinforces the reasons you succeeded in the first place? Now that you’ve met your content marketing goals it’s time to celebrate, right? You’ve finally “figured it out” – what works with your audience and what doesn’t – and that’s awesome. Maybe your blog posts last month performed exceptionally well or a social campaign drove more leads than anticipated. Whatever the cause for celebration may be, there are ways to keep up the momentum of success and give you and your brand much-deserved recognition.

1. Leverage Your New Audience

Meeting your goals means you’ve got a significantly bigger audience. Each new audience member means greater chances for spreading your content and gaining an even larger readership. Here’s what you can do with your newfound popularity: UGC Campaigns Once your crowd grows to a substantial size, there are greater chances for passionate followers to emerge. These followers can be leveraged in a number of ways to get user-generated content that both grows your reach and increases the participation of other followers. Contests Creating content is a great way to spur action among an online community. Offer an incentive to get your newly grown audience to invite their friends to follow you. There are a number of ways to get started, but be wary of recently changed Facebook contest rules. Reader Surveys Now that you’ve got a sizable audience, it’s likely the diversity of your audience increases as well. More diverse people means there are a greater diversity of interests that you can use to engage your readers. Survey them to see what they think and what they’d like to see more of.

2. Tell The Whole World

When you do something well, it’s not vain to tell others. Consumers are actually attracted to successful companies. The more they see you grow, the more likely consumers are to engage with your content and connect on social media. You can get the word out about your latest success by:

  • Dedicating a section of your company newsletter to the milestone.
  • Posting it on your social media profiles.
  • Sending postcards or email notices to investors, business partners and board members.
  • Updating digital and print advertising to include achieved goals.

3. Reflect On How It Worked

Your successful campaign had good ideas, faithful execution and persistent attention. This wouldn’t have happened if you and the rest of your content team weren’t passionately invested in its success. It’s time to refill the coffers of the energy spent making the campaign a success — and to spend time reflecting as a group on what went well. This is what you should talk about when you next meet:

  • Break down the success of the project to it’s component parts. Seek to discover when different members of the content team aided the content idea generation, writing, editing and promotion. When was each done exceptionally well?
  • Talk about what surprised you. Sometimes last minute tweaks to a plan can yield success. Which moments of ingenuity or quick thinking took you off guard? What was the impact of these moments?
  • Talk about the fun parts. Fun has a significant part to play in success. Success requires passion, curiosity and creativity — all those things require a real fascination with the writing material. Focus on what was most fun as a way of discovering what drives you and your colleagues to try.

When people forget to celebrate their successes, they can tire of what they do. If that’s let to fester, it can lead to burnout. See also: Five Signs Your Marketing Team Needs More Content Writers However, there’s nicer reason to talk about success in the workplace. Colleagues and can experience a significant boost in passion and creative energy when they feeling appreciated and understood. This brings a state of mind that encourages and rewards both creativity and hard work.

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