Companies are always looking for new formats to include in their content marketing programs. And not only are there many different options available to marketers, but also many different user preferences. But podcasts are one of the tactics that are gaining traction.

Podcasts for Content Marketing

Although podcasts have been around for years, a 2014 Edison research study revealed the power behind today’s audience and what it can mean for content marketing. This is due to several factors: audience size, qualified listeners and social engagement.

Podcasts provide an opportunity for marketers

With a staggering 39 million Americans listening to one podcast per month, this audience is now being regarded as a “highly sought after demographic for marketers.” Among those studied, half were reported to be 12-34 years old and engaged in social media sharing. The audience was also discovered to be affluent—with 4 out of 10 listeners reporting household incomes of at least $75,000.

Podcasts can be an incredible platform for companies to reach a qualified audience that is much different today than is has been in the past. But if marketers and companies want to tap into the power of modern podcasting and implement this communication tool within their content marketing strategy, there are a few things to know.

TIP #1: Know your audience

When you’re creating a podcast strategy, think of your audience first. If you’re a financial firm speaking to advisors or B2B firm looking to acquire new business, figure out what would be most interesting to your customers. Ask yourself some of the following questions:

• Are there any current trends impacting the industry?
• On which topics can I educate my clients?
• What are common questions asked by prospects that my firm can answer?

Your podcasts should be informative and educational, like all of your content marketing initiatives. Once you understand your audience, you’ll have a better idea of the kind of content to generate.

TIP #2: Create compelling content

Creating compelling content is the cardinal rule of any content marketing strategy. Nested within that rule is also the need to educate and be relevant. When creating a script for a podcast or brainstorming a list of topic ideas, consider a series featuring industry insight or new trends.

It’s important for your podcasts to contribute to building trust and respect for your firm in your industry. By educating your clients with content that is important to them, you will continue to elevate your brand as a thought leader.

TIP #3: Choose a proper platform

Deciding where to host your podcast depends largely on your budget, target audience and strategy. If your audience is after free downloadable media, then a paid service will immediately deter a following. Some services are free to subscribers but cost the company money. These rates can also grow with the number of subscribers so make sure you read all about every option before you make a decision.

Google Hangouts on Air is one free resource that your firm can use if you have a Google+ account. The podcasts are live and simultaneously stream to and record on YouTube. It also helps you rank higher with SEO by connecting directly with Google. Learn how to set up your podcast with Google Hangouts here.

Today’s vibrant podcasting following is a great opportunity for marketers to reach their target audience in another way. By follow the tips above, you can create a strong podcast series that add to your content marketing program and increase brand loyalty among your customers and clients.