website-content-significant-3-codyWithout website content, you can not effectively collect leads and nurture them from your website. In that one sentence alone I have summed up the impact of website content on leads. But why?  Why does website content have such a huge impact on leads?  Let’s take a look at why website content is necessary.

Collection of Leads

For starters, you need content on your website that is intriguing enough for potential clients to download. On a monthly basis you may have a couple hundred to a few thousand visitors to your site. Unless they made it there by mistake, these visitors already have an interest in your service or product. So you have already gained their attention. Now how do you move them from looking at you to them raising their hand saying they want more information?  By offering them premium content.

Think of it like attracting the opposite sex. It’s easy to get in front of that person and speak with them, but how do you push the right buttons to attract them and make them want more? By offering them something that interest them. What are their interests? What are their problems? And how can you relate to these interests or problems and converse more? Of course we all know people that will say anything to attract another, which may work from person to person but when you are doing this strategy online, everybody will start to see right through it.  Don’t be a player of the field. Know your target audience.

Target your Audience

Knowing your audience is critical when creating website content. You need to be able to speak to their interests and pains, while also speaking their language. The problem with trying to cater to everybody is that when you cater to everybody, you actually end up catering to nobody. Find your strategic niches and exploit them. What do you do right that would interest certain people? What do you offer that nobody else can and who is interested in that?

When you stop catering to everybody, you actually start attracting the right customers.  We have all had those relationships where we were attracted somebody, but for the wrong reasons. Why is that? Maybe it’s because you liked something about them or they were physically attractive.  But it just didn’t work because your interests didn’t align enough; so you just ended up wasting time and money working on a failed relationship when you could have spent that time and money building another one. The exact same thing happens to companies except they desire the potential money (or maybe some other underlying reason like a status that comes along with having a certain client).  In the end it all ends the same. Your ROI isn’t what it should be and now you’re back to square one.  Don’t be a player. Just show your “right” audience why you are the one!

Nurture the Relationships

Nobody meets somebody and then marries them a day later. Well maybe from time to time in Vegas, but do those relationships really end up working in the end? Probably not. Relationships take time to build. The same goes between businesses and their customers; in todays world, buyers are more informed and do most of their product research (more than 50%) before even reaching out to the company. So you will need to nurture your leads to ultimately become your customer or “wife/husband.” The best way to do this is by nurturing your leads with more content. They have already downloaded one piece, so from that interest, what else might they find interesting? You need to create a path for these customers to follow to learn more about their interests. Make this content easily available on your website. Send follow-up content to lead your contacts down the path of becoming a customer. Do this by sending lead nurturing emails filled with content they find interesting.  The more information they read, the more they view you as a thought leader. This thought leadership is what builds trust.


The basis of all relationships is trust. Building trust takes time but is necessary for both personal and business relationships. You need to make the consumer feel comfortable with your product or service. They need to know all the ins and outs. What are the features? How do you differ from the competition? What kind of customer service do you have? All of this knowledge will raise their trust, which could ultimately raise your bottom line. This is why website content has an astounding impact on leads.