Technology is the best friend of successful content marketers. Stiff competition and short attention span of users have forced marketing professionals to deliver top quality content quickly. From picking up a title to responding to readers’ feedback, marketers face an enormous challenge to provide content that is better than the competition, and gets noticed by their target audience. Fortunately, there are tools that not only make the job easier but also improve the quality of work.


Let us look at each problem faced by marketers in curating content and the best tools that can be immensely helpful:

#1. Content Idea Generation

Generating an idea for the next article is one of the most arduous tasks in content marketing. As an expert, you may have the ability to write on almost any given topic.

However, that is not sufficient. You must analyze whether the topic is relevant to your target audience, what will be the impact on blog traffic and whether the content will help you convert visitors into buying customers. Based on the objective you will have to research various topics before selecting the best one. Following tools can help you in choosing the right content:

Google Keywords Planner – this tool from Google provides useful information about the keywords like topic ideas, monthly search volume, competition, etc. The tool is frequently used to decide keywords for which the blog should be optimized to achieve maximum traffic or to gauge an idea of what people are searching for on Google.

BuzzSumo – this tool will give you an idea of the performance of the chosen topic. You enter a keyword, domain or any phrase in the search box, and it will do the rest. It will throw a list of contents from across the internet and provides data on the number of shares on various social media sites. It also suggests the number of backlinks the topic can generate for your website. This is one of the most relied tools for content marketers. Use this tool to check the performance of the content on social media and other platforms.

#2. Content Development

Quality content is essential to get repeat visitors to your website. The content is the backbone of a marketing campaign and can’t be compromised at any level. I suggest the following tools to ensure better quality of content:

Wunderlist – internet users love list based posts. If you want to create list-based posts, Wunderlist can be immensely helpful in creating a list of anything.

Canva – relevant images are an integral part of any content marketing campaign. Purchasing a stock image or hiring a graphic designer can substantially increase the budget of the campaign. Canva makes it easy for anyone to design attractive images with virtually no technical knowledge. The tool comes with a broad range of royalty free images, stylish fonts, and simple editing tool to aid you in creating the best image for your blog.

#3. Content Promotion

The promotion of content is vital to get new visitors and consumes most of the time of marketers. While the manual promotion can’t be eliminated completely, use of right tools can multiply the results and save a lot of time. Following tools can help you in content promotion: – top internet marketing professionals use this website to discuss new ideas, provide feedback and rate content. If you curate high-quality content, this tool can drive long-term traffic to your site.

BuzzStream – a large number of options available to promote your content is simply overwhelming. Buzzstream makes the digital outreach easy for you by discovering sites and contact information that is most relevant to your business. Content marketers love this tools for its simple interface and awesome results. Use Buzzstream to amplify your digital outreach.


I am confident that the above tools will boost you content curation efforts. However, never stop experimenting with new automated tools. If you have great experiences with other tools, please share them through comments. Also, let me know your feedback on your experiences with the suggested tools.