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3 Persuasive Writing Techniques That Every Copywriter Should Master to Become Successful

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A truly successful copywriter is the one who manages to come up with awesome creative ideas, put them into words optimally, and deliver a cohesive, compelling message responding to the needs of a large number of prospects and exceeding their highest expectations. Does this sound like a Mission Impossible assignment? In fact, crafting excellent copy that sells is a perfectly achievable goal, as long as the content creator counts on some of the best tools for copywriters, available online, and on extremely effective persuasive writing techniques allowing them to make their voice heard in both online and offline environments. Here are a few verified strategies that you might want to consider, helping you perfect your copywriting skills.

1.  Use rhymes and elements of surprise to keep visitors on your page

a) Why rhyme?

Novices are often advised to stick to copywriting templates until they finally manage to create their own identity and perfect their very own writing style. However, wordplay is a valuable asset for bold content creators who acknowledge the fact that well-placed rhetorical devices can lend a helping hand, enhancing the end value of your text and capturing the attention of a larger number of readers. Clever rhymes make no exception, giving a personal touch to any slogan and making your message a tad more aggressive, and much more persuasive, sharp, and symmetrical at the same time.

b) Why take your readers by surprise? 

The distinct impression that everything has been done before and that originality is dead or at least overrated will only impact your productivity in the long term. Think outside the box and try to surprise your readers with a new approach, a new concept, or new accurate information delivered in a creative manner every single time. This persuasive writing strategy will help you put your content pieces under the spotlight, draw more visitors, and ultimately convert them into regular buyers. Copy Hackers advise content creators to heavily rely on the so-called “bizarreness effect,” because unfamiliar ideas and creative execution techniques are more likely to be noticed and remembered by your targeted audience. So feel free to be different, bold, enthusiastic, and empathetic to the extreme. This will only work to your advantage, favoring fast popularity and profitability increases.

2. Repetition is the mother of all learning and the cousin of excellent persuasive writing strategies 

It’s safe to say that, without cleverly masked repetitions, a content piece has minimal chances of attaining bold marketing goals. This doesn’t mean that you have to be redundant or that you should go out of your way to stuff your text with numerous calls-to-action; just make sure you repeat the main idea a few times, in different forms, to send a powerful message to your readers.

Extra tip: We often hear that the third time’s the charm. In copywriting, this is particularly true, as long as you repeat a concept three times, stimulating your recipients to record your message almost unwillingly. This is the strategy embraced by Deep pan pizza, reflected by the simple, yet extremely catchy, repetitive slogan “Real deep. Real good. Real thing.” This slogan proves that you don’t have to write incredibly sophisticated copy to reach your public.

3. Organize and prioritize, according to the serial position effect

Are we equally influenced by all facts introduced by a certain source of information? Of course not! Some of them get stuck in our heads for a long period of time; others have a volatile effect, while some messages, regardless of their importance, pass unnoticed. Why does this happen? According to Hermann Ebbinghaus, the father of the “serial position effect” concept, after reading a text, people tend to remember only the first and the last elements listed by the author. Profit from this amazing discovery and start:

a) Organizing your information properly, by placing some the essential details at the beginning and at the end of your content piece
b) Highlighting some of the relevant information listed in the middle of your text by using bold characters to make it as visible and eye-catchy as possible, in order to capture the attention of your readers
c) Going for a clean, user-friendly structure, based on numbers and bullet points, ensuring the highest level of readability and encouraging readers to land on your page regularly 

By now, you should be aware of the fact that copy without a powerful persuasive component is worthless and should be considered a mere waste of time and money. Count on these tested, 100% effective persuasive writing techniques to uncover the secret of compelling copywriting that boosts sales instantly. If you are having a hard time trying to perfect your own copywriting skills, take the easy way out and opt for professional services, bringing you unique content pieces tailored to your business objectives.