UW Oshkosh Journalism Department Content MarketingContent marketing is all around us, sometimes we don’t even realize it! As a Journalism student at UW Oshkosh, I’m around technology, social media and content all day long. Until interning for a company that recognizes the importance of content creation, I never stopped to look at and appreciate the content that the department creates for students, professors, parents and alumni.

After I knew what to look for, it became obvious that content marketing techniques can be used in any setting.


First and foremost, the Journalism Department (or J-Department as students lovingly call it) has a blog. Anyone from professors to students can contribute to the blog, writing about experiences or tips they have for other people in the field. By featuring students who write about topics ranging from why they chose to study Journalism to internships they have held in the past, the J-Department does a great job of marketing themselves in a positive light. They draw students into the content and give them the tools to learn more about what can be done with and how they can benefit from a major in Journalism.


Next, the J-Department has jumped on and is driving the social media bandwagon. The department has their own social media accounts that are used to share information, keep in touch and spread the word of happenings around campus or help students who are looking for jobs. There is always something to gain when you follow or like the department on the various social media sites.


The third example of content creation to take from the J-Department is their use of email marketing. To quickly send information about advising, scholarships or club meetings, the department utilizes their email list of all Journalism students. These emails are targeted to students who will benefit from the information, which is clearly and simply presented so  students won’t disregard the email due to a lengthy message that doesn’t even apply to them.

So what can your business learn from the Journalism Department at UW Oshkosh?

1 – Jump start your content creation through the use of blogging! It’s an easy way to get information out to your followers and can do wonders with attracting more qualified traffic to your website. Inviting guest blogging or personal opinion bloggers who talk about your business and the experience they had is also an excellent way to build credibility.

2 – Use social media! Whether it’s to share information, let followers know about an event or product, or to share a random fact of the week, potential customers will feel like a member of your business community.

3 – Email marketing strategies are important to any business. Make sure your email contact list is up to date and segmented so you know that the people receiving your information will appreciate it and find it useful. And last, create a clear and straight to the point message so that the user won’t trash the email right away.

What higher education content marketing examples have you seen? Write a comment and share the knowledge!