Bad hair is like content marketing

Getting a good haircut is like content marketing – if it’s done right, it is a wonderful thing, but done wrong, well you can always wear a hat and keep a low profile.

The other day, it was time for another haircut and as I was there, seeing clumps of dark and, yes, grey hairs fall, I thought about how this is very similar to content marketing.

Can you think of all the times you got a bad hairstyle and all you wanted to do was fix it or hide away? Yep, I know what that’s like.

Now, as a guy, I usually get a very simple cut, but for women, I can’t even imagine spending HOURS on hair. Now, I can’t imagine it, but when my wife comes home with an awesome hairstyle, yes, as a guy, I really appreciate how that hairstylist did it right.

So, how does hair relate to content marketing? Let’s find out, shall we?

 3 Ways Content Marketing is Like a HairStyle

Understanding You Need It and DO IT

Just like a hair cut, an effective content marketing strategy starts with admitting you need it. I know when I start looking like Grizzly Adams, my wife starts giving me odd looks saying things like, “yes, it’s time for a trim.” That and the constant feeling of wanting to wear flannel and chop wood convince me I need a haircut.

That’s when I seek out the all mighty cutter of hair.

Many companies are the same way- they say they need to engage online, but either go about it half cocked or just say it, but never do anything. If your business is going to benefit from online marketing, you better start with a firm commitment of building it and doing it right.

Stay the Same or Make a Change

When I sit down in the chair, I don’t just let someone cut my hair – I need to tell them what I want. Do I keep the hairstyle I had before or do I go for a new and unknown style? Either way, I have to know what goes into my haircut before it actually gets done.

This is the same with businesses who commit to content marketing, but have no earthly idea what they want. For something that will actually increase their visibility and position them in the marketplace, they need to look at a few things:

  • Do they have content already available?
  • If they have content, is it organized? Sounds like a good time for a content audit
  • What are their goals and objectives for the content?
  • What content will their prospects want to read? What are their needs?
  • Create a content strategy – integrate with other areas like SEO and social marketing
  • Find content creators and curators to do the work

Measure the Results

Once I get a haircut, it’s always the same thing: look in the mirror and see if I like it. If I do, then I get others, like my family and friends, to tell me what they think. If it makes my head look like a squirrel on steroids, I obviously will want to change it or not get that hairstyle again.

This goes the same for any business venturing out with content and online marketing. By measuring the results and seeing if their analytics show positive ROI, then all is wonderful in the world. On the other hand, if there’s a problem and you encounter a negative result, you better consult why it’s happening.

Problems could come from bad writing to not funneling prospects into lead generation opportunities correctly.  When you do find out what’s wrong, fix it and make sure it doesn’t happen again – just like a bad haircut.

For good hair and good results from your content marketing activities, you need to start with the commitment to getting it done. Once you get past that and with the right planning and measurements, you will have hair and content people talk and ask you about.

Photo credit: pawluxury