The Super Bowl is the Only Time Consumers Care About Advertising

  • 90% of viewers look forward to watching the commercials
  • 57% of viewers actively seek the commercials online before the game
  • 50% of brands respond to this demand and release their commercials before the game
  • 20% of earned media is generated before the game
  • The mere news of running an ad during the Super Bowl is enough to move stock prices higher for advertisers

The Buzz is Short-Lived


Outbrain analysis indicates that:

  • Americans consume the most content about Super Bowl ads the day after the game
  • This consumption drastically drops two days after the game

Content Distribution Can Sustain Consumer Interest Well After the Big Game

Drive traffic to:

  • Commercials Generate views to your Super Bowl commercial to create buzz and social sharing
  • Media Coverage What are people saying about your commercial? Did it get good press? What’s the blogosphere saying about your ad? Make the most of this exposure by driving traffic to this media coverage!

Start Early/Stay Late

Viewers are eager to view and discuss the commercials before and after the game comes to an end, so amplify your content and extend the life of your campaign with Outbrain. Start now!

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