If you’re on a journey to gain more subscribers, have you considered implementing interactive content ideas to get the results you’re looking for? Interactive content is any content that requires the active participation of users in order to collect data, feedback, and analysis for better outcomes.

It’s not just better for business; 91 percent of consumers say they want more interactive and visual content from brands, according to a survey by DemandGen. By giving visitors what they want, it shows you’re an actively engaged business trying to fulfill customers’ needs and interests. This builds trust and pushes consumers further down the funnel so you’re able to increase conversions.

Another reason to add interactive content to your content marketing strategy is because it’s more effective. In a 2016 study conducted by Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 81 percent of marketers consider interactive content more effective than static content at grabbing visitors’ attention.

If you’re looking for more interactive content ideas to gain more subscribers, here are three to consider.

1. Quizzes, surveys, and polls

Asking people to take surveys about themselves and their opinions usually garners increased engagement because you’re directly asking for feedback. Consumers are more willing to take quizzes or surveys because they like finding out new information about themselves when they can.

Glasses retailer Zenni Optical wanted to improve their lead generation and increase organic traffic to their website. They set up a multiple choice quiz called You’ve Been Framed to test readers’ eyesight and ended up becoming a viral hit. The quiz received more than 29 thousand lead conversions and generated over one million dollars in revenue in just six months, one of the best ROI results from a quiz in history.


If you’re looking to add quizzes, surveys, or polls to your website, you can try a tool like WPForms or CrowdSignal (this used to be PollDaddy) for the best solutions.

2. Contests and giveaways

What consumer doesn’t like receiving free items from a brand they favor? Giveaways and contests to earn prizes and products are an excellent way to increase lead generation, actively engage with subscribers, and boost your revenue. It’s also a great way to gain feedback about your products since more consumers will have access to them.

If you plan your giveaway with your audience in mind, like giving away products they’ll be excited to receive and use, you’ll higher your chances of gaining email subscribers. Know what kind of products and messages your audience cares about so you can tailor your products to their interests for higher conversions.

Knives Ship Free is an ecommerce shop that specializes in selling premium knives. They used OptinMonster’s lightbox optins to collect registrations for the contest, choosing a winner once a month. With their giveaways, they were able to accumulate more than 5000 new email addresses in less than four months and boost their revenue by over $10 thousand dollars according to OptinMonster’s case study.

3. Interactive infographics

You’ve seen infographics that lay out a bunch of statistics from different sources that you can scroll through for more information. But how many times have you been able to play around with an interactive infographic?

According to data collected by Buzzsumo and OkDork, infographics receive more average shares than any other type of content.

Infographics that are interactive can bring in more backlinks for your site, improve engagement, and increase your email subscribers. By designing a beautiful graphic that users can play around with, they’ll feel more inclined to learn more about your brand and subscribe to your email list.

Over to you

If you know what your audience wants, creating interactive content to fit their needs and interests should be easy. You have to choose what they’d like most and what will encourage them to hand over their email address in exchange for your content. There are many routes you can take to make interactive content part of your strategy, and choosing the right ones will make all the difference in your business growth.