You do not have to be an accomplished writer to write things down. You only need to learn how to capture your best ideas, refine them, and then use them to attract more customers.

The Internet thrives on useful information and ideas – and so does your business. Knowing this, it is interesting that many small business owners and operators do not aspire to be better writers.

Here are three valid reasons to change that viewpoint

#1 – Write to Capture and Refine Your Business Ideas

Your business is a laboratory for testing ideas and achieving significant breakthroughs. To do that you first have to capture EVERY idea.

When you make that practice a habit, you will begin to notice patterns. You will realize that better ideas are the result of combining and rearranging those that are not strong enough to stand alone.

And you will discover some amazing insights at the intersection of seemingly unrelated ideas.

If you are operating a small business you should require every single team member to have writing materials with them at all times, especially before, during, and after meetings with your customers.

In this information age, the winning businesses are be the ones with the best information.

#2 – Write to Test Your Ideas in the Marketplace

If you speak a language it stands to reason that you can write it too. Why then is there so much resistance to developing this essential skill?

I suspect some of your teachers told you that you couldn’t write – and you believed them.

Now you are afraid to take the risk of having your personal thoughts judged by others, choosing instead to fit in with the other non-writers. Isn’t it possible your teachers were wrong, and maybe not even skilled writers themselves?

Just do this for your business customers. Get that blog started and get a dialogue going. You will quickly learn the pain points of your customers – where they most need better solutions from your business.

Keep writing to test new ideas with the communities your serve.

Like any other practice, you will not get better at writing if you do not do it frequently.

Once you commit to writing you will not only improve, you will enjoy a sense of accomplishment in sharing your ideas. That alone will make your business stronger.

#3 – Write to Attract New Customers

There has never been a better time to start writing. One could argue that in our digitally connected economy we are all writers – some are just better than others because they practice their craft.

While it is possible to convey your ideas using audio and video media, those messages have to start with the written word.

The Internet is driven by informational content. It has been that way from the beginning. The only difference now is there are powerful search engines scouring the web for original solutions to common problems.

Content marketing is the opportunity for every small business. You have years of wisdom and experience but it is locked up in your gray matter.

Write it down.

Starting now.

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