This year, resolve to take your content strategy to a new level with creative ways to get more bang for your marketing buck. With a dynamic, multichannel content strategy, you have freedom to incorporate various digital marketing initiatives that are Adblock agnostic and deliver relevant content to targeted audiences on Google and Facebook.

Make smart investments into long-term digital assets that will earn you an improved mix of direct response digital marketing results year over year. Search engines are still king, so don’t underestimate the impact search advertising can have on your revenue. Remember that 2015 was a year shareable, relevant content was the key to any successful campaign – use the understanding to get a head start on the competition.

Resolve to be flexible with your content approach and stay rigid with your deadlines – by forecasting revenue opportunities early in the year, your digital marketing budget will be fully prepared for anything 2016 has to throw at you.

According to BrightEdge, 62 percent of the results on Google show different results on mobile devices compared to desktop and that 27 percent of websites are not responsive to mobile searches. Consumer behavior is different across three separate screens (desktop, mobile, tablet), so ensure content is responsive enough to engage with any customer that clicks.

Now more than ever, it’s vital to know what’s relevant to your customers and your competitors and when. This is an especially important this year considering large-scale events that require real-time attention like U.S. presidential election and the Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Make 2016 the year to experiment with content design and enter mediums with staying power. Take into consideration platforms like Instagram where your current customers are likely to be active. The more relevant content you deliver to visitors, the more qualified for purchase each engagement and conversion will be.

Use the data you have collected over the years, especially if you are looking forward to following up a successful 2015. Start with what works and add some content variety into the mix. Developing educational infographics, partnering with influencers, and messaging tested for conversions are all strong ways to push a strategy proven to work into the personalized content realm.

Today, the technology to customize content for your website’s visitors is more significant to consumers than ever before and marketers should take full advantage as we kick off 2016. Improve engagement on Facebook and conversions from Google across the board with the audiences you have now and learn from them as your segments evolve.

This is where the personalization begins. To fully leverage this advantage, take a look at what 2015 already brought you and improve upon it by devising important customer segment goals and how they use the Internet. In particular, marketers who stay on top of industry trends will look forward to evolution in online marketing initiatives connected to offline purchases.

For example, in the travel industry, geo-targeted visual content is likely to have great ROI. When creating content for Facebook, using maps makes social posts relatable and shareable, boosting ROI in target areas with messaging relevant based on location.