In just about every list of content marketing predictions for 2014, one remains constant. Companies will make developing content a formal business strategy with dedicated resources this year. It was bound to happen. In 2012, content marketing was just beginning to make mainstream headlines. Compare that to today, when a Google Alert on the term #contentmarketing can fill up your inbox in a day.

OrgChartBusiness owners are retooling their traditional org charts to more creative versions, like this one drawn by Ann Handley. They are looking to hire new roles with the word content in the title. Think Content Marketing Manager, Director of Content or Chief Content Officer. Forbes predicts the top new marketing job title recruited and hired will be “Director of Content”. Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute goes out on a limb with his prediction that at least three Fortune 500 brands will hire a Chief Content Officer.

Big hires in content marketing in 2013 can only mean there are more to come this year.

Editorial Envy

Journalists are poised to fill some of these content marketing roles. A background in editorial lays solid groundwork for a successful career as an in-house marketing manager or content marketing agency team member.

KatieCouricYahoo is breaking ground by staffing its editorial team with powerhouse journalists including Katie Couric. Couric will leave ABC as a newscaster to become Yahoo’s Global Anchor. She’s the latest addition to the team of well-known journalists such as tech writer David Pogue, political correspondent Matt Bai and editor Megan Liberman. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer defines them as an “editorial team pioneering a new chapter of digital journalism”. “We are investing in bringing our users the absolute best content and video experiences available – and this is just the beginning!” Mayer wrote in a blog post.

Transformation of PR

Public relations giant Edelman made headlines when a new, content-centric post was created for a senior leader back in February. Steve Rubel became Chief Content Strategist and is now maximizing content exposure on behalf of Edelman’s clients.

It’s a big switch for an agency founded in 1952. “We’re being asked to be a force in this new area,” Mr. Edelman told the New York Times and the agency is accepting the challenge, “partly for offense and partly for defense.”

The shift to emphasis on content development shows the transformation of traditional models to offer new services. Brands are now recognizing the impact contact has and are vying for opportunities to stay relevant.

Major Moves

HubSpot scored a major addition to its lineup last year by hiring Joe Chernov as Vice President of Content. Chernov came from Boston startup Kinvey and was previously VP of Content Marketing for Eloqua. He left Eloqua after it was acquired by Oracle in 2013.

Chernov told Jay Baer last year, “HubSpot does a great job at being kind of the eyes and ears of social media for their clients, and so it really makes sense for that brand to be kind of first mover and to be fast, because I think their audience looks to them to know what’s the latest and greatest.”

These major hires of 2013 will certainly have an effect on the corporate landscape as more companies recognize the value of creating their own content. Whether it’s adding in-house content-focused roles to your business or partnering with an outside agency, you’ll need someone to take on your company’s content creation.

Will you add a content titled position to your org chart this year?