Content strategy is at the heart of new SEO, but creating content isn’t always easy and getting started at all can often be even harder.

Content Creation Ideas

For consumer focused businesses, in particular retailers, creating new relevant content is comparatively easy. For others, for instance, B2B companies who may not have particularly exciting or interesting products, services or processes to write about, this can be more challenging. So just how do you go about creating new content?

“Don’t create content for the sake of having content.  Make sure that you have something interesting, insightful or useful to say”

Whether you are just starting out and writing your first blog article or if you’re a seasoned content creator and you’re just stuck for inspiration, it often helps to go back to basics. By considering the following list of questions you should be able to find a new subject to write about or at the very least, you’ll find a new angle to approach it from.

“Create content your readers will want to talk about and share”

Keep in mind the fact that your content needs to attract and engage your readers.  Search engines love content that is being talked about and shared, so keep the SEO benefits in mind as you plan your content and don’t forget to make it super easy for people to share your content by including social share/bookmarking tools.

15 Killer Questions to Spark your Content Creation

  1. What specific needs do my customers have?
  2. What are the common pain points of my customers?
  3. How do we add value or provide benefits to our customers?
  4. What service or product examples could be effectively highlighted with case studies?
  5. What is new (products, services, research, theory) in the industry?
  6. Why do customers like using us or what keeps them coming back?
  7. How are we different and what makes us stand out from our competitors?
  8. What company information, news or behind the scenes tidbits will people find interesting?
  9. How can we effectively create a connection with potential customers?
  10. How can we maintain and strengthen relationships with our existing customers?
  11. What common questions do customers ask us?
  12. How can I promote my content once it is published?
  13. Is it possible to make the content evergreen, so that in a years time it will still be of value?
  14. How can we help our customers complete desirable goals?
  15. How can we effectively communicate our brand values?

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