cmworld#imageContent Marketing World 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio has wrapped up for the year and we’ve spent the past several days soaking up all the great information on mobile content, digital marketing, and more. In case you missed this epic marketing event, you can follow along all the tweets by searching the hashtag #CMWorld. Here’s a look at 15 of the great tweets that caught our eye

  1. @posull78: Remember your customer is on a learning journey & story & content must be relevant for each stage of that journey @marketingbuddy #cmworld Click to Tweet
  2. @MarketingProfs: This is the bar your content has to clear on social: “Are you more interesting to me than my wife?” @jaybaer #cmworld Click to Tweet
  3. @kateeidam: 4 archetypes of content creation: promoter, poet, preacher, professor; the magic is in the mixing of these models @Robert_Rose #cmworld Click to Tweet
  4. @RepCleveland: Cut your copy in half and then cut in half again. That’s probably the right amount of copy. #conversionoptimization (#cmworld) Click to Tweet
  5. @jeffreylcohen: Marketers are a rare breed of human species that trust their gut feeling over scientific testing @chrisgoward #cmworld Click to Tweet
  6. @hgaynor: Think about if customers are seekers, considerers or in active solution phase and tailor your content accordingly. #CMWorld Click to Tweet
  7. @getcurata: don’t forget writing about your customers – interviews, case studies, creative stories – they can provide great blog #cmworld Click to Tweet
  8. @brandcontent “Worry less about selling better and more about teaching better” @jaybaer #CMWorld Click to Tweet
  9. @PamDidner “We’re all looking for a happy ending, but when you look at data, there’s no ending, it’s continuous” at #CMWorld Click to Tweet
  10. @Jen_L_Watson Adopt a newsroom mentality to surface timely content opportunities for your brand. #cmworld Click to Tweet
  11. @RobYoegel “Story-doers” do much better than “Storytellers,” says @wilsonraj. Don’t try to look at data or insights w/o action. #CMWorld Click to Tweet
  12. @MarketingProfs Comedy is pain. Start with a customer pain point & heighten it. Solve the problem. Rinse. Repeat. @timwasher #CMWorld Click to Tweet
  13. @morgancarrie RT @lkircher: “Most content strategies are content focused, not audience focused” Damn, true! #cmworld Click to Tweet
  14. @copyblogger 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that delivers custom content … Click to Tweet
  15. @CarlaJohnson People share content that makes them feel good about themselves #CMWorld #CMIcontent Click to Tweet