Improving your social media presence is not easy if you do not have the right strategy. Establishing your social media presence can be very challenging. Major brands and companies have recognized the opportunity of expanding their business on social media.

Content is still one of the best ways to improve your business and to connect with your audience. Compelling content improves your visibility on social media and involves people with your business.

Here are 12 content creation tools which will help you improve your social media presence.


Piktochart is easy-to-use infographic maker. Piktochart is best suited for the needs of marketers without a previous graphic design background.

One of the biggest benefits of Piktochart is its simple interface, which lets you edit background colors and images and insert texts and banners.

You get to choose from more than 400 templates, icons, images, and access to charts and maps.

A simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create infographics and share them on social networks.

Twitter Lists

Twitter is a powerful tool for marketers and is one of the best social networks to share content and engage your audience. Twitter can be a good source of inspiration to create new content. Twitter Lists are a fantastic way to gather relevant information.

Twitter Lists can be used to track real-time conversations, discover market trends and customer interests.

You can then use this information as an inspiration for your content creation efforts.


An ideal program for marketers and individuals who want a professional looking design, Canva lets you create and design presentations, social media graphics, and documents.

Canva offers powerful design tools, including millions of images, photo filters, icons and shapes and hundreds of different fonts.

Easy to use drag-and-drop interface and free design modules makes Canva an ideal solution for B2B marketers.


Recite lets you create quotes from almost any phrase. You only have to enter your quote, select your image template and then you can easily share your quote on social media.

Recite is a handy tool to use when you want to share a quote on your social media pages.


Evernote is a note-taking app which lets you store important documents, recordings, pictures, screenshots and much more.

With Evernote is it easy to store your ideas, research notes and statistics. Evernote saves your documents on a cloud account that you can access from any device.

Evernote is a fantastic tool to keep track of all your data and store your important documents in one place.

A new feature enables to move back and forth between Evernote and Google Drive.

Most importantly, Evernote lets you easily share your content using a group notebook.

Writing Daddy

Writing great content can be difficult. Writing Daddy’s team of professional writers can help you with content creation according to your needs.

You can now forget about writing troubles and concentrate on your content creation ideas.


Being informed and keeping up with the relevant trends in your industry is important for your success. SmartBrief is a digital B2B media company, which delivers relevant news every day.

SmartBrief newsletter aggregate content every day around a single topic.

Subscribe to SmartBrief newsletters to receive daily news in more than ten business categories.


Companies and brands have recognized the value of content marketing. Most major brands use content marketing as a vital part of their marketing strategy.

New means of communication provide a chance to connect with your audience on a more personal level and discover new ways to interact on social media.

Curata helps companies create quality content to drive growth.

Among other features, Curata offers you the chance to:

  • Track leads and opportunities.
  • Analyze content impact.
  • A customizable editorial calendar.

With Infogram, data visualization has never been easier. Infogram has to offer more than 35 different charts, and over 200 different maps.

You can easily analyze your visual content using beautifully designed charts and graphs.

Infogram can help you create professional looking charts and graphs which you can share on social media.


Using PlaceIt is very simple. You can download an image or a video for free, then simply drag and drop it from your image editor and replace the generic screen content.

PlaceIt is a handy tool if you need to insert your content into a photo and then use it for content creation.


A social media management system, SprinkIr is a widely popular tool used by companies to engage with customers.

Manage your content and connect with clients to boost your social media presence. SprinkIr provides an integrated and collaborative set of social skills for managing social media.


A free tool which lets you create animated gifs and stickers. You get to choose between thousands of creative animated gifs in Giphy library. You can also upload your gifs using a drag and drop function.

You can then share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media.

Animated content is an excellent way to improve your social media presence. People are more likely to respond positively to interactive content.


Are you having problems coming up with ideas for your blog post headline? Portent’s Content Generator comes to the rescue. You only need to type your subject and Portent will generate several ideas for a catchy title.

Portent is free and simple to use, but you will still need to use your creativity to create an appropriate title.


Keyhole helps you track all your Twitter posts containing hashtags and keywords you posted. Keyhole also tracks real-time numbers of retweets, likes, and impressions. Using keyhole is a perfect method to track your content marketing campaign on Twitter.

Keyhole also includes influencer and competitor tracking, automated reporting and account manager.


The ability to create and share online videos is extremely important for managing your social media presence. Data show that by 2019, 80 percent of all internet traffic will be videos.

It is very important that you include videos in your content strategy.

Waywire Enterprise is an online video curation platform designed particularly for the needs of business users.

There is also Waywire for consumers, offering a video curation portal consisting of dozens of channels devoted to a niche topic.