With the constant pressure to create new content, whether it’s for a business or your personal blog, it never hurts to have a helping hand or two. Thankfully, the internet has you covered! The following are 15 high-quality resources you can use to add some serious oomph to your output – for free!

Canva – Eye-catching graphic design

Create colourful and unique graphic design with this fabulous site. Get registered at Canva for a multitude of free features to take advantage of.

It offers vibrant templates for the likes of social media formats, résumés, logos, posters, banners, calendars, brochures, letterheads, proposals, book covers, and a lot more! It’s all backed up by a friendly team, too, making it a must-use resource anyone can quickly become adept with.

Instagram – Quality images

Snap a shot, add a filter, spruce it up with a few edits, and you’ve got a high-quality, bespoke image to upload to your site. Instagram can help to add an instant professional sheen to the pictures you add to blog posts, plus they have an easily identifiable quality that may lend themselves particularly well to younger audiences.

Buffer – Social media management made easy

Free social media management for the discerning amateur blogger or small business. Buffer has a free version for three social media accounts, from which you can schedule 10 posts per account. To step up the features, you can pay $15 p/m for the Pro version.

Trello – An engaging PMS

A vibrant, free project management system. Ideal if you’re a small business – keep track of your projects, add some groovy stickers, and organise your workload efficiently.

Trello is one of many PMSs, but it’s certainly one of the most popular thanks to its accessibility, which is complemented by its fun and friendly approach.

YouTube – For quality videos

Sticking an engaging video in amongst your copy is an ever-brilliant way to liven up any post. You can also easily create a channel and start making videos, so you can drop custom made content into your posts where necessary.

Whether you’re reviewing a film you love, explaining how to do keyword research, or using a TED Talk to bolster your point, a YouTube clip can be enough to keep readers on the page, engaged with what you’ve got to say. I’ve used several on this post alone!

Venngage – Free infographic tool

Want to make a few free, powerful infographics in a very short space of time? Venngage offers five infographic templates. As a content marketing technique, they’re still popular, but this tool cuts out a lot of the work and helps anybody create their own impressive works of genius.

MailChimp – Email marketing

Send out a newsletter for free to up to 2,000 contacts. Email marketing remains one of the most effective techniques in reaching customers, so think up a few catchy subject lines and give it a whirl. MailChimp simplifies the process and, seeing as the basic option is free, it’s a brilliant way to get started.

Evernote – For getting organised

A nifty work and life organiser. It’s free to download and offers plenty of useful features in its basic format. It’s really useful as either a personal organiser or one for multiple staff members to use. It’s effective for team collaborations as well, should you want to brainstorm whilst on the go or working remotely.

Grammarly or Hemingway – Manage your writing

A bit worried your diction and grammar isn’t quite up to scratch? Get the Grammarly browser extension to monitor, and improve, your blind spots.

Alternatively, there’s the Hemingway Editor. This helps you to write like Ernest Hemingway. In short. Sharp. Engaging sentences. It’s much more dramatic this way. You could re-read the Old Man and the Sea if you need a bit of extra inspiration, too.

StockSnap / Pixabay

Many bloggers still make the mistake of trawling through Google for an image, potentially infringing on copyright in the process of uploading whatever they find.

It could land you with a hefty fine, made even worse when there’s a quick, easy, and high-quality alternative. Pixabay has over 1.4 million images in its database! There are plenty more of these sorts of services, too, so have a gander: 15 Copyright Free Image Resources.

Google Sheets, Drive, & Calendar – Manage your workload

Used by businesses large and small across the world, Google’s brilliant Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms will make your work look professional in an instant. If you’ve not tried these out yet, then do so – they’re basically Microsoft Office level, but minus the plethora of formatting options.

Additionally, you can open up a free Google Drive account to store all that hard work in once you’re done. Plus, keep a steady calendar of events, posts, meetings on the go in your calendar.

Blog Topic Generator – For instant ideas

In a complete rut for blog post ideas? Stick a few nouns into HubSpot’s Topic Generator and see if you can find some inspiration. It fires back some genuinely interesting ideas, so adapt them as necessary, or have a eureka moment inspired by this nifty tool.

My Hours – Track your time

Track, manage, and report your time with My Hours – the free package provides you with a number of features to help you track your time professionally. This can be helpful for small businesses, if you want to know what you spend most of your time doing and adjust accordingly.

Biteable – Create some videos

Add extra clout alongside your bespoke infographics and copyright free images with this tool. Use Biteable to easily adapt the ready-made templates available. They’re customisable in a variety of ways, so you can add your brand’s stamp all over them.

Hubspot’s Free Marketing Resources – Everything Useful In One Place

Last but not least, the excellent Hubspot provides a large array of free marketing resources in one convenient place. If you’re looking for guidance with content marketing strategies, infographic templates, social media calendars, on-page SEO advice, lead generation tips, and PPC guides… well, they have you covered.