Have you ever driven a gas-guzzling car? Looks great, gets you to where you want to go, but it took twice as much fuel to run.

Many content management teams are working exactly like this today. You’re creating brilliant content, but your system is so inefficient that your people have to push twice as hard to meet your goals. Eventually, you miss deadlines, compromise on quality, or hire to fill the gap.

This bloats up your costs, and slows down your organization. According to Gleanster Research, the average B2B company spends up to $120,000 on superfluous staff just to keep up with the content demand. Despite this, it produces 300% less content and is 240% slower than companies that have optimized their content workflow.

Here are three signs that you’re driving a gas-guzzling content marketing workflow:

  1. Every creative brief sends your team on a scavenger hunt


Most companies create and approve content through a combination of Microsoft Word, Google Drive, email, and chat apps like Skype or Slack. It works – if you only have a few pieces of content and a very linear workflow.

In reality, content is shuttled across different departments. Requests for information, revision and approval flood everyone’s inboxes, and answers are sent across different platforms. If you’ve ever woken up to over 100 notifications, or wasted valuable time reading back through convoluted chat logs or email threads, you must sense that this is not a content marketing workflow – it’s a scavenger hunt.

How Marketing.Ai can help:

  • Enable Attachments
  • Central storage for multiple assets like images, links and documents
  • Easy tabs that let users view comments, information, schedules and more with one click of the mouse
  1. Your content marketing workflow is isolated from your business workflow

You’re selling to one customer, and ideally your sales, marketing and creative teams are aligning their efforts toward converting them to a sale. Unfortunately, they rarely interact, unless it’s to complain about how they don’t get each other. “Your content isn’t selling the key business – why am I not getting any actual sales?” “The brand manager didn’t give a brief. This is the fifth revision, and I still don’t know what he wants.”

They obviously need to communicate, but it’s not going to happen with one or two hurried discussions in the middle of a busy workweek. The ideal solution is an automated content management workflow. Stakeholders can see the content calendar in real time, so they can give strategic direction before the content is created. Your creative team can double-check if their output speaks to the pre-approved Buyer Persona, and ask for information and approval within the same system. Your entire company is synchronized without having to stop the work to hold another meeting.

How Marketing.Ai can help:

  • Give creatives a clear idea of who to write for, through personas and buyer cycle/customer journey
  • Allow stakeholders to participate in ideation, and then tag or label these ideas, or drag them to the editorial calendar for execution
  • Use advanced filters to view content on your calendar through strategic metadata
  1. Your content is unplanned and inconsistent

The secret to brand awareness is consistency, consistency, consistency. Your content calendar should have no gaps. Your messages should go on the right platforms, at the right time. It’s a lot like leading an orchestra — except the audience can walk out, the musicians are writing the music while they play it, and fickle clients and web algorithms are threatening to set the stage on fire.

A content calendar brings order into the chaos, and allows you to break down large campaigns into simple tasks with a definite deadline. You immediately see if you’re falling behind, and can easily reshuffle content to adjust to a change in trends or your marketing calendar. If you have a lean team, you can prioritize tasks so you don’t miss the opportunities that have the biggest impact on your sales.

How Marketing.Ai can help:

  • Assign tasks with one click (the person is immediately notified via email an system inbox)
  • Configure workflow according to how your company works. Either template the workflow, or choose a special configuration for a unique project or stage
  • View your content plans for the next three months
  • Instantly publish content to WordPress and social media channels, or make assets like brochures or ebooks readily available in your content library

Marketing.Ai has helped companies like Century Link, Upwork, Teradata and Blue Cross automate their workflow. See for yourself what a content marketing platform can do for you – start a free 14 day trial with no credit card required.