As content marketing continues to rapidly evolve, it’s essential to figure out the right strategy in order for your business to achieve this year’s goals and overall be successful. Today, we have put together a list of some informative things you should consider doing as content marketers in 2019:

  • Think before you start

Write up a strategy with goals and include steps to help you achieve them. Spend time brainstorming new ideas, talking to your team and getting feedback from your customers.

Be patient and try not to just jump right into it. Ask yourself questions – is this content that your consumer really wants or needs? What is the reason for creating it? Try to understand why you are doing it in the first place.

  • Ask questions before you write

While you think before you plan; it’s important to ask questions, not to just yourself but to other people. Start by meeting your stakeholders, interviewing your customers and talking to your customer service team in order to get a sense of what is happening. You could also easily approach your consumers by utilizing trending social media channels.

Asking questions will allow you to learn something new while also learning what your consumers want and need. This approach will also allow you to create good content long-term that is worthy of reading and sharing.

  • Start creating online content with a purpose

This ties into thinking before you start and asking questions. Did you ask yourself the proper questions before creating the content? (If you didn’t, go back to step one and two and do that first)

Posting irrelevant content, such as publishing a blog post or whatever you feel like writing about, serves no purpose and in turn, you will not see any results.

Create content that is meaningful; content that makes sense to your business and that will definitely help you get one step closer to being successful this upcoming year.

  • Partner up with influencers

Stop thinking you are capable of doing everything yourself after all help isn’t always a bad thing. Find someone else and include them.

One way is to partner up with influencers. When you partner up with influencers it not only creates trust and credibility to your business, but it allows your content to be seen by many, allowing a bigger audience reach.

  • Expand to new content platforms

Sticking to the general blog posts every week isn’t going to cut it – start by learning the different and popular platforms your audience is using and connect with them there.

By doing this, you’ll be able to expand your audience outreach. One big thing to watch out for in the upcoming year is live streaming. Live streaming is a great way to connect with your audience in real time. Popular trendy apps such as SnapChat, YouTube, and Facebook already offer live streaming.

If your audience is digging this – there’s no harm in trying!

  • Make social media interesting again

When you’ve got your social media platforms down, utilize it well. Social media is a chance for brands to develop a personality; it’s a place to form relationships and really connect with your consumers.

Join conversations, share knowledge and start interacting!

Be unique, different and fun!

  • Share what you write

In our generation, there are plenty of different sources to easily use when sharing your content. When creating your content plans for the future, you really want to focus on your distribution plan; think about the various beneficial ways of sharing content that will get you the results you want.

For instance, if you’re posting to your blog or website, utilize and plug-in social media channels to your post. When you have established solid partnerships with influencers, this is a great way to ask them to share your content on their networks, too.

You could always spend a few minutes reviewing your business’s’ competitors and industry leaders and see what they are doing to promote and distribute their content – just make sure it fits well with your company.

  • Document your goals and write down results

The best way to keep track of your goals and achievements is by writing it down. This is a great way to keep yourself organized and to prevent you from making the same mistakes as last year.

As the new year begins, figure out some 30, 60 or 90-day goals that work best for you and your business and revisit every few months.

It’s honestly the little things that will simply keep your business to move forward.

  • Cut down your niche

The goal here is to be able to attract customers that then turn into returning ones. At first it’s easy to think you want to attract a wider range of readers, but honestly connecting with everyone isn’t going to bring you and your business any better results.

In fact, investing in creating quality content that relates to your business and its message will help to weed out people and attract only the ones who are interested.

  • Attach deadlines to your goals

It’s easy to fall off track when you start something. However, using this technique of attaching deadlines to your goals will help you succeed and accomplish your goals in a timely fashion.

Don’t just create simple, broad goals; think of more in-depth, detailed goals that you can use while planning out your future content strategies. This way you can conquer all of your achievements for this upcoming new year!

  • Analyze your data

You should always be regularly checking your website and social media channels traffic using your analytics account. This will allow you to track and determine which sites or platforms are referring your website, which will make you consider new distribution places when sharing your content.

It also is a great way to analyze the demographic data such as of gender, age group, location, etc. which can help you determine the various niches your business attracts.

  • Invest money in content promotion

As mentioned previously, there are many ways to share your content. Whether you’re sharing through social media pages or using influencers to reshare the post, sometimes these techniques might not be enough. Enough so that a good range within your specific niche sees it and to actually get you the results you want.

Even if you create an amazing, detailed post with a purpose and everything you can imagine, nobody will end up seeing it if you don’t invest in heavily promoting it.

One of the ways to help you promote your content is by utilizing social media platforms advertising services. Some popular services are Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and Instagram ads. Depending on your niche and where you believe will get the most out of your money is where you should invest in.

Utilizing these social media platforms for advertising will allow you to access a whole new wide and specific range of people that you might not come across.

Get the new year going and start focusing on these 12 things. When content marketing is executed effectively, your business benefits, so don’t wait around and start now!