Custom content should be one of the most important aspects in every brand’s marketing strategies. Your brand, irregardless of its size, can use custom content to subconsciously create a strong base of followers online.

For marketers who are still doubtful about the effectiveness and power of content marketing, these three individual findings might be useful.

“Interesting content is the top 3 reason people follow brands on social media.”

Source: Content+

“Because 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, they are more likely to buy from that company.”

Source: Custom Content Council

“90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.”

Source: TMG Custom Media

Despite these facts, not many brands actually practise it. To many, advertising is still the easiest way out.

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However, there are also successful marketers who understand the importance of content marketing. And developing good quality content is key to your brand’s success in content marketing. Here are 11 quick and easy tips for that.

#1 Strong Start


Have a strong grabbing title for your article; a title that can grab the attention of your potential readers, something that can urge them to click on it to read more about your article.

#2 Be Objective

Remember these words, “do not sell fish.” Many marketers tend to misuse custom content by consistently advertise their products and services in their articles. This lack of objectiveness cannot gain the trust of your potential customers when they read your articles online. You need to be very objective. Talk less about your products and services; talk more about your industry, trends, tips, views and expert opinions instead.

#3 Be Original

Do not copy other people’s content and words. Write something original. Original content gives your brand an authentic voice, something that other brands are not able to copy.

#4 Must make Sense

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Whatever point you want to put across in your writing, make sure you have facts or opinion to back it up; always justify your opinions with reasons. If there is no justification, your point will not make sense to your readers.

#5 Focus on Quality of Story, not the Depth of Words

Always remember the ‘Keep it Simple and Short’ (KISS) concept. Use words and phrases that are easy to remember and read. Do not use complicated words and terms that may confuse your readers.

#6 Do not Sell

Content marketing is different from advertisement. Here, the less you sell, the more influential your brand will be in the consumer’s mind.

#7 But, You Can Do it Subtly

The power of subtlety is important in content marketing strategies too. Subtlety is your silent call to action buttons in your articles. People are more convinced when they read an objective article and they will also want to find out more about the author of that particular article. This is where you can link potential consumers indirectly to your website’s contact page, social media pages to be further convinced of your brand.

#8 Do not Badmouth the Competition

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Badmouthing the competition will make a bad impression for your brand; potential consumers will perceive your brand as lack of professional business ethics; and this may affect your brand reputation badly especially in the long run. The best way to write, is to write about the good things and nothing about your competitors’ products. Let the consumers decide.

#9 Use Positive Tonality and Emotive Words

Positive tones and emotive words can “move” your readers. You need to strategies your content in a way such that people will follow you exactly to what you have said in your article. In other words, you lead people to believe in your brand.

#10 Always Write for the Benefits of Your Readers

Put yourself in your consumers’ shoes; what are the problems they are facing and what kind of solutions can be recommended for them? So long you put your readers’ interest in the first place before everything, your content marketing strategy will definitely be on the right track.

#11 Keep on Writing

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Nobody can expect instant overnight success in any marketing strategy; this is especially true for content marketing. What is most important, is you keep on producing good quality original content in a consistent manner. In this way, your brand will definitely get noticed and gain more exposure in the long run.

To end, I would like to quote a short and sweet phrase from renowned American writer, Henry Miller:

“Writing is its own reward.”

So, enjoy writing and producing good quality content for your audience!

[The author shared these points during his recent seminar in May 2013 with MyNewsDesk Singapore ]