An effective content campaign is an important essential for a business that wants to retain current customers and get new ones. Are you investing a lot of time and efforts but still not able to benefit from quality content? If yes, then probably your content is not exciting enough to draw the attention of audiences.

10 Ways to Create Attractive Content – Lessons from Apple

Here are a few ways used by the tech-giant Apple, to create exciting copy that could work for your business too –

1. Instead of emphasizing on the largest market attempting to reach more and more people like other tech companies, try and focus on the most profitable one. Apple centers on a smaller section of the tech market creating loyal customers and a fan base. Similarly, targeting your most profitable market will automatically help to create content that best appeals to them.

2. Customers favor a brand that provides a quick solution to their problems. Research on your audiences to know common problems and provide answers in the form of written content that says how your product will solve their problems. Apple figures out a problem and then portrays its latest or older products as the best solution to it.

3. The consumer market remembers brands or products for the lasting message conveyed through a strong story. Use storytelling in your content as people can easily relate to it and remember it for long. Apple does exactly this. it has a few ad campaigns that are fun to read without much substance, but have a feel-good effect, while others have an amazing story-based copy with a lasting effect.

4. Triggering emotions through your content marketing activity is a sure-shot method to create an impact. Apple uses tearjerker copy where emotions of audiences are used to sell products.

5. Connecting to the younger audiences is something many companies overlook, but not Apple. It believes that younger generations are good potential customers and can bring in clients of their own age, parents or grandparents with buying capacity. Conduct research to create copy that targets and triggers younger people.

6. Apple’s focus has always been on creating short and crisp sentences in the sales copy that is easy to skim through. Work towards creating copy that is short and direct to reduce reading time.

7. Apple shares videos from its customers making clients feel that the company acknowledges their efforts. This activity lets to connect with your customers and also promote your latest products. Try to get customers share content related to your products or services, which you can then share further.

8. Posting news information on your blog helps customers stay up-to-date about your company, new products and everything that clients find interesting. Apple does this by providing latest updates in the hot news section.

9. Apple uses a technique to provide information in bits as it makes customers curios to know more. Frame content in a manner that provides information but only to some extent so that customers are inquisitive to know more and would actually click on the product for further information.

10. One reason why Apple never loses the attention of people is its constant efforts to give out something new and unique. Try to gain and retain the audience attention through new things like exciting headline styles, copy pieces, visuals and auditory information.

Considering these tips is sure to help you create copy that is fun or emotional as well as engaging, building strong loyal customers and reach out to target audiences.