Marketing in 60 Minutes or Less

We’re more than a little obsessed with productivity here at Inbound Marketing Agents. And why shouldn’t we be? Time and time again, inbound marketing is shown to be more effective, 61% cheaper, and less annoying than traditional marketing methods. However, it’s also really time-consuming. While researching the presentation above, we uncovered some fascinating facts about the state of small and medium-sized businesses and inbound marketing strategy:

Did you know that 43% of SMBs spend 6 or more hours a week on marketing, and 7% spend more than 21 hours? You can’t scale effort, and it takes a whole lot of effort to create quality content and prospect on social media. We can’t make inbound marketing easier, but we can suggest some ways you can explode your ROI in just 60 minutes or less:

1. Bump Up Your Blog Posting Frequency

Estimated Time: 60 Minutes Per Blog Article

Business blogging yields 55% more traffic for small and medium-sized businesses. If you’re ahead on your content calendar, why not add an extra piece of content to your rotation for the week? Alternatively, you could use the next hour to plan your keyword research and content calendar for next month, and start working on a plan to inspire your co-workers to contribute to the company blog.

2. Build Out More Landing Pages

Estimated Time: 20 Minutes Per Landing Page

One of the fastest and easiest ways to drive more traffic and lead conversions is to simply add a few more landing pages. Consumers want highly targeted information, and fine-tuning your landing pages to each of your buyer personas can ensure that you have something for everyone. There’s no reason to create all new content offers, either. Your existing materials can simply be repackaged.

3. Write a Guest Post

Estimated Time: 60 Minutes Per Guest Post

There’s a lot to love about guest posting. You gain exposure to a whole new audience of readers, and build relationships with other people with digital influence. If your content calendar doesn’t include pitching and delivering guest posts, it’s time to get started!

4. Schedule Social Media Posts

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes Per Tweet

The smartest social media managers aren’t slaves to TweetDeck (or HootSuite, or HubSpot or their preferred scheduling tool). They’re masters at scheduling content in advance, so they can quickly newsjack, respond to queries, and drive engagement for the rest of their workday.

5. Analyze Your Analytics

Estimated Time: The Sky Is the Limit

Could you really spend an hour reviewing your blog and website analytics? We’re sure you probably could, but even 15 minutes could provide some awesome insight to refine your current strategy.

6. Repackage an Existing Offer

Estimated Time: 60 Minutes

Can you write, design, and deploy an entire eBook in 60 minutes? I know I can’t. You can, however, repurpose blog content into a shiny new offer, or update an existing whitepaper for a new audience.

7. Segment Your Email List

Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

The quickest way to tick off your subscribers is by bombarding their email inboxes with irrelevant information they don’t care about. Make sure your messages are fine-tuned to their needs and priorities by dividing your list into segments. HubSpot makes it easy. Alternatively, if you haven’t scrubbed your email list in a while, take a few minutes to clean up the abandoned email addresses.

8. Participate in a TweetChat

Estimated Time: 60 Minutes

Tweet chats are fun! They’re like a great big room full of experts who all have a megaphone. Whether you’re interested in talking #SMB or #SMM (social media marketing), put it on your calendar and start hashtagging your Twitter dialogue.

9. Write a Buyer Persona Profile

Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

Do you truly know your target customers? No? Well, your customer service and sales representatives do. Interview a frontline employee, and use his or her insights to draw up a profile of what makes your prospects tick.

10. Keyword-Optimize Evergreen Blog Content

Estimated Time: 10 Minutes Per Article

All that old blog content in your archives can still be bringing in organic search traffic, especially if you take the time to optimize the meta data, title, and ALT text for SEO. It’s a fast and easy way to boost your search engine referrals.

We’re sure this isn’t a comprehensive list. What are some of your favorite ways to dominate your to-do list in 60 minutes or less?