10 Tweetable Tips for Winning at Holiday-Season Content

Photo credit: Aaron Burden, Unsplash

Yes, I’ve been averting my eyes ever since the first holiday displays appeared the day after Halloween, but with Thanksgiving just two days away, there’s no denying that the season is upon us.

As content marketers, to say we’re competing with a few distractions is an understatement. But you can keep your audience engaged from Black Friday all the way to New Year’s Day, and we’ve got a few ideas to get you going:

  1. Keep your content lighthearted during this holiday season, and save that 20-page white paper for next year (Tweet this)
  2. The holidays are the perfect time for storytelling, and remember to get your whole team in on the fun (Tweet this)
  3. Invite your followers to share their most cherished holiday memories (Tweet this)
  4. Share a special gift with your audience, like a free e-book or video series (Tweet this)
  5. Share photos and videos from your team’s “giving back” activities during this season of charity (Tweet this)
  6. Share brief video greetings from people around your company (not just the marketing team!) (Tweet this)
  7. Use live video to host a “virtual holiday party” for all your followers, including games and prizes (Tweet this)
  8. Start a holiday decorating contest around your office and invite followers to vote on a winner (Tweet this)
  9. Invite followers to request their favorite carols and gather your team for a video singalong (Tweet this)
  10. Snap some goofy candid photos around your office holiday party (with discretion, of course) and invite followers to “caption this” (Tweet this)

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