In a recent article published on AllTwitter, it was revealed that content that contains infographics is 832% more likely to be shared than content that contains just images and text. In other words, infographics can be very powerful for getting more social media shares and exposure.

One thing is without doubt, though; not all infographics are created equal. Whether your infographics become successful or not depends to a large extent on how it is created and here are 10 tools to help with your infographics creation:

1. EWC Presenter

EWC Presenter

Whether you want to create presentations, interactive infographics and ordinary infographics, EWC Presenter is an all-in-one design tools for creating interactive media files online.

It’s simple, mostly drag-and-drop and can be used by everyone; it’s currently in beta but it’s one of the most powerful tools on this list due to the flexibility it provides.


Specifically designed for creating infographics, makes it easy to create any kind of infographics content, static or interactive, as well as online charts. is also a free tool.

3. provides you with all the graphics and elements required to create the perfect infographics and it’s one of the most widely used infographics creation tool; it also has a marketplace that allows you to get in touch with people who can create infographics for you and it showcases various quality infographics that can inspire yours.

4. Omingraffle

Ominegraffle is specifically for people who are interested in creating wireframes and unlike most of the other tools listed in this article, you can only use it by installing a version on your computer.

Omnigraffle is only available for Mac and the iPad, though, and compared to most of the other tools on this list, it is not free. Omingraffle costs $99 for a standard version and $199 for the professional version.


Presentme makes it extremely easy for you to create virtual presentations as if you’re actually presenting live; you can create slides that describes a certain product or feature or pitch and then record yourself going through it. is a cloud based app, meaning you don’t have to install anything and your presentations can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It’s a premium tool, too, and you pay based on presentations you create. However, there’s also a limited free option that you can try to see how it works.

6. Gliffy

If you want to create infographics, flow charts and diagrams then Gliffy is your best friend; compared to most of the other tools on this list, Gliffy allows you to do things much more technical.

Another advantage Gliffy has is that it allows integration with other popular software like Google apps and Microsoft Word; there’s a free basic plan that limits you to just 5 diagrams and there’s an unlimited plan that costs around $10 a month.

7. TimelineJS

Timeline.JS makes it extremely easy for you to create an interactive timeline of events for your audience; instead of having them read the words, have them experience it themselves by creating a timeline.

8. Balsamiq

Like Omnigraffle previously mentioned above, Balsamiq is a wireframeing software that you can either install on your Windows or Mac computer; Balsamiq is also a paid software but you can try the software for free for 7 days before determining if it is right for you. Balsamiq also allows integration with popular apps like Google Drive and Xwiki

9. Piktochart


With over 200,000 users and more than 90 themes that you can customize to your taste, Piktochart is a premium tool for creating infographics. It has a free basic version that is free for “casual users” and a more complete pro version that costs $29 a month.


If you’re looking for a web-based drag-and-drop infographics and visuals creator, then is worth considering; there are several vhemes (visual themes) that you can choose from and then customize using the various drag-and-drop features provided to create your infographics.

Easelly also showcases infographics on its homepage that can inspire you to create something impressive.