Every workman has his tools. You’re not supposed to blame them for a bad job, but the fact of the matter is you can’t really do a job without them.

The same goes for content marketing. Without the right tools your content is sitting dead in water – or you may not have any content at all. We’ve spoken before about the importance of creating that “winning content” so it’s about time we told you how to do that.

So these are the 10 things you need in your Content Marketing Tool Kit:

1. BrowsersChrome logo

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and more. Ideally, you’ll need at least two. Some websites can appear different from one browser to another, so you’ll want to check that everything looks okay before you send your content out onto web.

2. Microsoft WordWord Logo

It seems almost painfully simple but Word is a vital part to creating written content, it is after all where it is created. Any written content you produce is going to need to be spellchecked, proof read, sent for approval and stored; so you won’t get far without that little .doc

3. WordPresswordpress logo

When you’re ready to take your content online, you are going to need a content management system and website design. WordPress is a popular favourite, allowing you to create, publish and edit content as well as work on the design of your site.

4. HubSpothubspot logo

HubSpot takes content marketing to a whole new level. Beyond the CMS capabilities of WordPress, HubSpot let’s you create landing pages, integrate your social media and see how your content is performing.

5. PhotoshopPhotoshop logo

Good content isn’t just about the written word, you need something visual to accompany it.Somewhere along the line you are guaranteed to need a photo editor and this is where
Photoshop comes in. Whether it’s editing a photo or creating a banner image for your website,you’ll find yourself coming back to Photoshop again and again.

6. Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics logo

Google Analytics is something every content marketer should get acquainted with. Find out how people find your content, how many there were and if they stuck around long enough to read it. There’s little point in constantly churning out content unless you know it’s working.

7. Social MediaTwitter logo

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine, Flickr – the list is almost endless. Getting yourself set up on these sites and maintaining a presence is a huge part of content marketing. Sharing your content and publicizing it is crucial to its success, so you need to be prepared to get social.

8. Social Media Clientshootsuite logo

Just as you need to manage your content and see how it performs you need to see this with your social media. Products like HooteSuite and Tweetdeck allow you to view your activity across multiple platforms, monitor trends and put your social media strategy to work. HooteSuit allows you to integrate everything from Flickr to LinkedIn to Facebook and everything in between.

9. Video EditingFinalCutPro logo

If you’re delving into the world of video content you are going to want good editing software behind you. Final Cut Pro is non-linear video editing software widely used by filmmakers all over the world. You can make it as complex or as simple as you want and it also gives you some control over the audio too.

10. Video Hostingvimeo logo

Hosting your video in the right place will make sure its found by the right people. YouTube is the go-to for social, light hearted and easy going content while Vimeo is focused on high-quality, well-produced almost film-like videos. Both are easily embedded on websites, in blog posts and shared online.

With the right tools you can set about creating, publishing and sharing the best content. You need it in the right place, at the right time and to get the right message across.

The quality of your content is ultimately going to come down to what you used to create it. With the right tools, you’ll have no excuse.

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