As a content creator, you have many things on your mind. First of all, you need to meet the expectations of demanding readers who want to know everything, but lack the attention span to go through a detailed post. In addition, you need to meet close deadlines and maintain a regular posting schedule. How do you achieve all that?

The 10 tools listed below will help you discover a fresh approach to content writing.

1. Copyblogger

If copywriting is your thing, you should visit this website regularly to learn new things. The tips and guidelines teach you how to invest your time and energy in the most efficient manner. You should also consider taking the copywriting course that offers intensive training for copywriters who want to enjoy a lucrative career in this niche.

2. GatherContent

One of the ways to engage more readers is to change the appearance of your website. Through a simple drag-and-drop technique, this tool enables you to restructure and organize the content. These are some of the features supported by GatherContent: due dates and reminders, content mapping, simple authoring, guidelines, templates, workflow customization, comparative revisions, in-line comments, and more.

3. PapersGear

This online writing service puts experienced writers and editors at your disposal. You can rely on their knowledge whenever you encounter a serious challenge. For example, PapersGear can save you when there is a tight deadline to meet, but you have to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Delegating part of your work to professional writers and editors is the solution.

4. Piktochart

Thanks to Piktochart, the challenge of creating infographics is not complicated at all. The tool offers 100+ pre-made themes that are ready to be customized to your preferences. In addition, you will benefit from the rich library of images you can use. Don’t worry; you can certainly upload your own images too.
Piktochart screenshot

5. ThingLink

Your readers are attracted to visual content, but you cannot hold their attention forever when other websites offer a much more appealing structure. You can use ThingLink to add several links onto one image, or turn a photograph into a storytelling platform. This tool will help you engage your audience through interactive media experience, and you’ll get real time analytics as well.
ThinkLink screenshot

6. Creativity Portal

Even the most creative content writers can face a blank state of mind once in a while. Although there are tons of articles you were planning to write, you cannot think of a fresh approach. This website will help you reinvent yourself. Whenever you need inspiration, you’ll find it after reading few publications on this portal.
creativity portal screenshot

7. Plagtracker

Being a content writer doesn’t mean you can copy content, right? When you create a new article, you may easily fall into a trap: after all that research, you may start considering some phrases and sentences as your own. Plagtracker will help you make sure that each piece of content you create is completely free of plagiarism.

8. Grammar Girl

Regardless of the types of articles you write, you need to make sure they are flawless before the publication. Who said you couldn’t be a content writer if you haven’t studied English language in depth? This website has all information you need; if you are committed enough, you’ll improve your grammar skills in a short time.
grammar girl screenshot

9. Canva

Although you spend a lot of time on the text, website visitors are always more interested in the images. You can make your articles more appealing if you feature unique, attractive images. Canva is a tool that enables you to create impressive designs without any struggle.
canva screenshot

10. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

You have a great theme for the next piece you are going to create, but you simply cannot think of a catchy title? Try this tool; its creative ideas will surprise you. Some of the randomly generated titles may be ridiculous, but you’ll definitely find inspiration in few attempts.
Portent Idea Generator

Do you have any other suggestions for online tools that make a content writer’s work easier? Feel free to share!