Writing is a Journey; Keep on Giving Good Contents and Great Results will Come in No Time

Content marketing, in my opinion, is one of the best online and offline marketing strategies you could ever get. You may not see results immediately from your contents, however, you’ll gain more in the long run.

Here are the 10 reasons why.

Check Out the Ten Reasons Why Content Marketing is So Important.


Do a Good Job By Being ‘Sticky’ Around Your Niche

When you share your opinion regards to anything you could ever imagine, you are seen as an expert by your potential targeted audience in the topics you wrote. Try to stick around a niche industry topic so that it can increase your credibility in the market.

It’s Free!

“Free” to Showcase Your Creativity With Content Marketing

The good thing about content marketing is that it is free. All you need to do is to contribute useful contents and keep on writing to let as many people know about what you are going to say. That’s it.

Just write your opinions and publish them immediately, be prepared for a mixture of feedback on your articles. Be open-minded, not to be too defensive, accept the feedback and thanks your readers for reading them.

Search Engine Friendly

More Keywords Rich Contents Make Your Articles More "Search Engine Friendly"

More Keywords Rich Contents Make Your Articles More “Search Engine Friendly”

If you want your article to be indexed on the first page of Google on a certain keyword that is relevant to your business, make sure to have that keyword on the title of your article.

Depends on the popularity of your keyword, it might not be indexed on the first few pages of Google but don’t ever give up. Think of another creative and “search engine friendly title” and contents for your next article instead. Once it is on the first few pages of Google, you have somehow gained organic traffic to your articles and website. The more articles you write, the more unique website traffic you will gain as a result. And this will go on and on and on… forever.

Brand Reputation

Ask Yourself Where Your Brand Standing in Your Customers’ Minds?

Brand reputation grows in the minds of your targeted customers. If the articles you written, are non-biased, objective, and able to solve much of the issues your potential clients are facing; through giving them the information that they are looking for. You have somehow create that brand standing in your readers’ minds. Should they need to solve any particular issue in the future, they will first think of you instantly.

Makes You Unique from Competition

Don’t be Similar to Your Competition, Be Uniquely Different

Competition is unavoidable. You either win or be killed in the sea of competition. Hence, you have to stand out from the crowd no matter what. Okay?

Content marketing is never a waste of time, the more you write, the more your perceived value as an expert among your competitors, will rise.

Makes Selling Easier

Content Marketing can Make Selling as Easy as Falling Off a Log; Owl Says, "Try Me."
Content Marketing can Make Selling as Easy as Falling Off a Log; Owl Says, “TRY ME.”

Just like any marketing strategies, the purpose of marketing is to enhance the selling environment and thus, making selling easier. Content marketing enhances your brand value; hence, it’ll make people want to buy your brand more; therefore, your products and services will sell by themselves.

Earned You Media

Earned Media Attention by Contributing Newsworthy and Interesting Articles

Content marketing open up your network to professionals in the writing and media industry. Sometimes, if you write good articles that are newsworthy enough to be heard to the masses, editors and publishers might pick up your articles and published them on their online or offline medias. Bloggers may also quote your articles and ping back to you, giving you the additional traffic from their blogs.

Media earned is so much better and credible than paid media, so cherish the opportunity when it comes.

More People Will Recognize You 

Just Like Bees Gathering Honey; Archive Your Articles Around Your Niche

The point that I want to put across here will be that you need to archive your articles. The more articles you write around your niche area, more people will come to recognize you. Even people that are outside of your niche industry will also come to know about you. So what you are going to do, is to start writing something and publish your articles in your Linkedin groups, online communities or any other social networking groups around your niche area; be willing to help people sincerely with what you know so that you’ll gain more in the years ahead.

Ability to Lead or Change Your Market

"Lead" the Market with Your Writing

“Lead” the Market with Your Writing

Content marketing is so strong that you are able to influence your market with your writing. When you are perceived as an expert in your industry through countless writings and such; the words that you are trying to bring across will carry more weight than your average competitor. Hence, this gives you the ability to lead or change your market in your own way or another.

Increase Your Professional Industry Value

The More You Write, The Higher Your Market Value

Content marketing not just increase your company brand value, it’s also increases your individual industry value as someone that is able to stand out from most professionals in your industry. Be prepared to be ‘headhunted’ by major competing brands in your industry and it might be the best reason for you to ask for a pay rise.

Don’t Stop Writing. Content Marketing Focuses on the Long Term

Work on your content. It’s always easy to start something, however to win in content marketing, you will need to persevere by consistently sharing your opinions through your writings and reaching out  to more readers around the world who are somewhere out there appreciating all the little things of what you have written.