What is one newer publishing platform you will be investing marketing dollars into in the next quarter and why?

1. Medium

13 Marketing Lessons All Brands Can Benefit from in 2015Although Medium is far from new and is already largely hyped, I still feel that investing in the platform is worthwhile. Not only is it beautifully designed, easy to use and full of great features, it is one of the few publishing platforms that is solely about the content and nothing else. Medium is a fitting name because it acts purely as a medium for your writing, nothing else. – Brian HonigmanBrianHonigman.com

2. Twitter Ads

10 Publishing Platforms You Should Consider Investing in for 2015We’re looking into spending money to boost posts on Twitter and utilize it as a strategic advertising platform in the coming months. We use Twitter daily and have grown a great organic following. However, we believe their pay-to-play platform to grow our following, plus being able to target specific current and would-be customers, is beneficial for long-term growth on that social channel. – Mark SamuelFitmark

3. LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

10 Publishing Platforms You Should Consider Investing in for 2015LinkedIn is now a publishing powerhouse, so it’s an ideal place to invest more marketing dollars. LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform is fantastic for long posts, and there is built-in virality among busy professionals due to the strength of LinkedIn’s network. Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn can target a user’s exact job title and employer, and LinkedIn Groups are a great way to build community. – Doreen BlochPoshly Inc.

4. Google Plus

10 Publishing Platforms You Should Consider Investing in for 2015Google Plus is important. Don’t laugh. While it is a punchline in the social networking world, it is very valuable for SEO. Do the math: Google shows preference to its own social network in regards to their biggest asset (search). At the very least you should be cross-posting on Google Plus, but ideally think about producing and engaging on the network. – Adam StillmanSparkReel

5. A Physical Event

10 Publishing Platforms You Should Consider Investing in for 2015I’m hearing good things about an old platform called throwing a physical event. I might invest in throwing an event for our company over doing a ton of online marketing. – Lane CampbellSyntress SCDT

6. YouTube

LIAM MARTINWe’ve been late to the game with online video. It’s a huge platform that we haven’t had the resources to do properly. With hiring a videographer, editor and getting studio time, we’re hopeful we can get a reliable publishing schedule up and running that can put out quality content we’d like to watch on a reliable schedule. – Liam MartinStaff.com

7. StackStreet

13 Marketing Lessons All Brands Can Benefit from in 2015I’m bullish about StackStreet, a platform for business and technology news. Catering to a Millennial audience, StackStreet offers a unique opportunity to target consumers who care about socially responsible business. While the platform continues to grow, I plan to invest resources into creating evergreen content early to drive continuous and long-term ROI. – Firas KittanehAmerisleep

8. InboundWriter

Brock StechmanInboundWriter is a pretty innovative tool with predictive analytics for content. It gauges the strength of what you’ve done and helps direct the next steps so you can better predict the success of the content before you even publish it. – Brock StechmanDivvyHQ

9. LeadPages

aLEX CHAMBERLAINLeadpages is on the top of our list. It is an easy and cheap way to create landing pages and embed them right into our WordPress sites. You can even plug the pages right into Facebook. We have used more expensive platforms in the past such as HubSpot, and LeadPages gets you 90 percent there for 90 percent of the cost. – Alex ChamberlainEZFingerPrints

10. SlideShare

10 Publishing Platforms You Should Consider Investing in for 2015This year, we’ve begun experimenting with SlideShare as a platform for content marketing. The results have really taken us by surprise. The beauty of the platform is twofold. Its connection with LinkedIn makes it a perfect tool for ranking on search engines while its strong visual component appeals to the public’s attention span and interest level. More to come next year! – Mark SalamonGold Crest Care Center