10 Interactive Content Ideas You Can Use to Engage Leads in the Sales Funnel

Make Your Website Visitors Stay

Interactive content has proven many times to be an essential aspect of building strong engagement with your leads and customers. At the different stages of your sales funnel, you have to bring interactivity to be able to hook your target audience.

The typical blog posts and articles usually bring uninspiring results, despite all efforts invested in creating them.

In your B2B marketing campaigns, you can stand out in the endless streams of information and promotions reaching your audience through a variety of content, channels, and devices.

Use these 10 interactive content archetypes to superglue your website visitors, engage your leads, and drive consistent sales:

1. Drive Engagement with Quizzes and Games

Quizzes and games are tools and fun ways to interact with visitors on your website. They inspire the visitor to spend more time on your website, which is a good user engagement metric that impacts organic search rankings.

A quiz, in particular, provides an opportunity to get valuable information from your customers. It can drive traffic to your website; games can infuse fun into your offers, and overall, you grow your business when leads are participating fully on your website.

Food52, a food and nutrition website was able to attract an audience of 20,000 in 3 days using a quiz about cake.

how to engage leads through sales funnels

Having the right content suitable for your customers will increase their engagement and further pull them through your sales funnel (e.g., from awareness stage to consideration stage).

2. Qualify leads with a survey, embedded map, or assessment content

When you have a survey on your website, it performs two important functions:

  • It’s a way of assessing your leads.
  • It shows your customers they are important to you.

Conducting a survey is a free way to collect important information about your leads. For example, you can use a survey to determine how website visitors and customers are using your website, why users are bouncing off your pages, or the most important questions your visitors may have about your product or service.

Through a survey, you can qualify your leads and move them further down your sales funnel. An IT company, BigFix, used online surveys to qualify leads before they made their first contact with prospects. Through the survey, they knew the needs of their prospects and their sales reps were able to identify with it.

Embedding maps will make your website easier to navigate for your customers. This will glue them to your website where you can lead them through your sales funnel.

3. Answer customer questions with video and infographic

Videos should be an important part of your content strategy if you aim to engage your leads better. According to MarketingProfs, website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail website after watching a video.

One other important function of a video is that you’re able to reach more customers than with your written content. About 80% of your online visitors will watch a video, while 20% will read content in its entirety.

Having a video on your website helps to aid engagement as 26% of Internet users look for more information after viewing a video. To get the best results from your video content, make sure it’s as short as possible.

Videos that are 15 seconds or shorter are shared 37% more often than videos that are 30 – 60 seconds long. More so, the majority of users will click away if the video stalls while loading.

Interactive Content Ideas Use to Engage Leads

It’s usually said that a picture is worth a 1000-word. This has never been truer than in an infographic. Through infographic, KISSmetrics was able to generate 2,512,596 visitors and 41,142 backlinks from 3,741 unique domains.

You should consider creating more engaging videos this year. It’s a great step if you want to reach an audience that truly cares about your brand.

4. Support post-purchases with an eBook and White paper

No product is 100% perfect and most products have intricacies that your customers might have a hard time dealing with. Your business is never complete after a customer buys your product. Helping your customers with post-purchase service will enhance trust and make them buy more from you.

One way to answer any question your customer may have is to create an ebook or a whitepaper that answers all questions about your product or service. Prospects and customers alike can download the ebook and learn new things.

B2B companies are already producing downloadable PDFs, which they are giving away for free — and the results have been phenomenal.

Linkbird produced informative whitepapers and have since generated more leads and grew revenue for their content marketing software.

In the exact words of Linkbird CEO, Nicolai Kuban, “whitepapers: the heart of our content marketing strategy.”

5. Drive and qualify leads with Calculators and handy tools

When you explain a concept on your website, having tools like calculators could be what your customers need to understand the topic better. A Calculator, for example, will allow your target customers to see the benefits of buying your product.

Global Corporate Communications, Tandberg, decided to test online calculators as a way of quantifying both the economic and carbon-emissions impact of business travel.

Through this process, the company increased traffic to its website by 25%. The calculator has also helped them convert 3 – 4 times more leads than their white papers.

6. Uncover pain points with configurator and interactive learning

When you’re an expert on a subject, it’s easy to fall victim to the curse of knowledge. You have a perception of the needs of your customers and you design your product to solve these problems.

But you may be wrong. Your perception may be different from the reality of your customers. That is why it’s important to know the customer’s pain points, as it helps you to communicate with them as well as build a better product.

Everyone wants to feel important. Having a configurator on your website will allow your leads to customize your products according to their tastes. Through this, you can learn what your ideal customers want in your product.

According to research by the Aberdeen Group, configurators give B2B sellers many benefits, including raising conversion rates and reducing the length of sales cycle.

The study shows that B2B buyers complete nearly 60% of the sales cycle before ever talking to a salesperson.

7. Attract attention with contests and chatbots

Everyone wants to win. Especially if they are competing with other people. Organizing a contest on your website is a way to pull in more traffic to your website — thus, giving every one of your website visitors and potential customers a chance to win.

This new audience provides an avenue for you to generate leads that you can engage with in your sales funnel.

Chatbots are very effective in communicating with your customers with a personal touch. Because it has access to the users’ information.

A chatbot is available for a chat when a customer needs a fast response to an important question regarding your product. A chatbot can also send notifications to your customers when there is a new post or product on your website.

interactive content to lead generation

The beauty of it is that it’s a cheaper and faster way of reaching your audience, attending to them, and answering their questions in real-time. Interestingly, a chatbot also learns from communication with your customers.

Winnie is a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that helps website owners to make better choices of which hosting provider to use. Winnie has achieved a 72% CTR of users clicking through to an affiliate hosting provider. Isn’t that great?

8. Encourage engagement with tutorial video, podcast, Q&As

Having a tutorial video on your website or YouTube teaches your customers how to use your product. This can make their life easier as they can follow the visual content a step at a time.

Having a questions and answers (Q&A) session with your leads will give you the opportunity to answer all the important questions they have about your product before they make their purchase decision.

9. Drive traffic and sales with Slide presentations

Slide presentations are visual content that can help drive traffic and consequently sales.

You can embed a Slideshare presentation on your blog, which can also be shared to different social media platforms. Slide presentations go straight to the point and can explain even a complex concept with simple illustrations on slides.

Through slide presentations, Drift was able to get 30,000 views and also get to the front page of Google for the search term: ‘product marketing’ within 30 days of publishing the post.

10. Encourage participation in worksheets and to-do list

Having a worksheet and to-do list on your website helps your customers to track their progress as they use your product. This keeps them more engaged with your product and make them more likely to achieve their desired results.

Achieving their desired results means they will continue using your product and buy new products from you.

John Lee Dumas, in his bestselling “Freedom Journal” provided an easy-to-use worksheet and workbook for both day and night. The aim is to help people get more done, reach their goals, stick to their resolutions, and become more productive.

interactive content ideas to make sales

You can provide some sorts of a practical worksheet or to-do list. Your customers will love it. Because, they will realize they are a part of a bigger cause — and you truly are looking out for them.


Making your content as interactive as possible helps you to engage leads in your sales funnel and move them further down the funnel until you achieve your ultimate aim — to generate sales.

Written content is the traditional way of engaging and connecting with leads. Sure, it still works but you need to think of other content formats such as videos, podcasts, etc.

This is not a post to tell you to stop using written content. But spicing it up with these interactive content archetypes will make your ideal customers fall in love with your website and stick to your brand.