Ugh. I get it. It can be pretty scary to will yourself to go live on video and then once you do GO LIVE, to feel embarrassed because you feel you don’t really have much to say. Or perhaps it’s just a little overwhelming and you can’t collect your thoughts and ummm and errr through the ordeal. Been there!!

That’s precisely why I’ve put together 10+ content ideas to give you no-brainer stuff to talk about on live video. It’s so easy you don’t even need to script this in advance or anything.

10 Types of Content to Create for Live Video Strategy

Okay, you’ve decided this is it. You’re going to put aside your fears and finally “GO LIVE” *gulp*. You are just going to push that button (funny intercept video of me in trepidation scared to push the Go Live periscope button). You do it…YES!!! but wait a second, what the heck are you gonna say???

Most people who start a live video without a content plan and a reason for going live quickly learn that not having anything to say can be awkward as hell on camera. So, without further delays, let me give you 10 content ideas for your next live video. Hopefully, some of these will be a good fit for your business!

Here’s my 10 ideas for when you need some great content to go live with:

1. Upcycled content from other platforms. Let’s say I wrote a great blog post about the power of meditation. But while a lot of people are convinced that meditation is useful, they don’t know how to get started. So I decide to do a daily 10-minute guided meditation practice on live video so people can see how to actually implement it.

Live video in this instance adds another dimension and perspective to your existing content. It adds value because it further expands in the topic in a useful and educational way. So the next time you create content, think about how you can convert that into a live video format that your audience will love to see.

2. Behind-the-scenes content. Let’s say you have a workflow in your business. Or a system that works. Or a process with which you get results. When you show people how you work, it adds insights and respect for your work. People see what really goes into making this happen and it increases the value they place on the finished product.

For example if people see how a chocolate bar is created, how your daily routine includes exercise, how you conduct your meetings, it adds a layer of trust and authenticity to the end results.

3. Live Q&As and AMAs. Live video is interactive so it’s a great way to answer questions and interact with your community. You can host a weekly Q&A session to answer questions.

For example of you run a weight loss program, people might have questions related to food, allergies, diet, exercises, schedules, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if they could ask you live and you could help them in front of everyone?

4. Tips and How-tos: Showing your audience a quick tool tip or how to do something is always one of the biggest uses of the live platform because people love to learn new stuff.

If you’re someone who creates things, such as a chef, you could share some of your recipes or food plans with your audience. It’s a really powerful way to develop brand expertise.

5. Travel content. I don’t mean you have to necessarily travel to another country. Travel could mean anything from your walk to the coffee shop or the interesting places around where you live.

People love to see the lifestyle of someone they follow for background and context and sharing journeys and travel content is a great way to show case how you see the world.

6. Live events. If you’re attending a live conference or industry meet up, why not give a glimpse into the proceedings to your audience? or maybe even do a live re-cap afterwards from the venue. Or grab a speaker for an impromptu interview.

There are so many uses of live video at events and it’s a great way to bring in your audience to experience the event you are at.

7. Look over my shoulder. I love this one because it’s so great for creatives. If you’re an artist, or a crafter, or you create anything, then you can use live video to let people see your process and methods.

For instance, an artist can let you see her process for drawing sketches. A pianist can show you how he composes a song. A milner can show how she makes hats. A fashion designer can show how she comes up with designs.

8. Walk though of your business. If you have a physical asset that you can show, you can do walk-through videos that take the audience on a walking journey of the place.

For example, if you’re a hospital, you can walk readers through your new building or new wing. If you’re a real estate agent, you can walk through audiences of the house on sale. If you’re a yoga studio, you cam do walk throughs while a class is in session. If you’re a solopreneur, how about a walk through of your home office?

9. Your Process. It’s fantastic to see the end results but how did you get there? A process video shows it’s done.

For example, I could make a process video of my video setup and how I shoot professional quality videos in a home studio. If you’re a speaker, you can do a process video of how you prepare before you go on stage. If you’re a marketing strategist, maybe a process video of how you create a sales funnel.

10. RANTS!! Rants work really well on live video because they’re so opinionated and possibly polarising.

If you have a point of view to share about your life, business or industry, and it’s typically against popular opinion, a rant is just what you need to offload some stress. It could simply be a stream of consciousness video where you talk about what’s bothering you and why it matters. People relate to rants because they’re typically emotional and force the audience to take sides. Highly effective to drive engagement!

Bonus TIP!!

11. Unboxing videos. This is a great fun live video to make because your audience knows that it’s authentic and they get to experience the excitement along with you.

Unboxing videos are great if you make retail purchases or work with brands and sponsors who send you stuff. It’s a great way to showcase what the product looks like and how it works, building authenticity and trust in to the mix.