10 B2B Content Marketing Productivity Tools You Need to Use Today

While you’re reading this, you likely have no less than a dozen other tabs open and a to-do list that’s growing by the minute.

As B2B marketers, we have our plates full. We’re producing more content than ever, using an average of 13 content marketing tactics from case studies to white papers to blog posts.

Keeping up with all of this content is a challenge. We constantly strive for increased productivity and ways to streamline our workloads to keep the content machine rolling.

Here are ten productivity tools that can help you save time while you produce record-breaking amounts of content:

1. Evernote


Evernote calls itself “the productivity app that keeps your projects, ideas, and inspiration handy across all your digital devices.” With that said, it’s a powerful tool to organize, save, and schedule content for later. You can capture content and curate it when you’re in need of some inspiration.

2. Trello


This scheduling and project management platform has a focus on team collaboration, allowing you to create an overview of your current and future tasks. It lets you collaborate with your content development team and keep all of your project’s files, photos and notes in one place. Trello can also be an effective content planning calendar as seen here: Creating Content Management Calendars in Trello.

3. Feedly


Speaking of content planning, Feedly is a great tool for discovering and curating content. The tool integrates with many social media management platforms and is an efficient way of sourcing valuable, industry-specific content for your audience.

4. Oktopost


Oktopost is my go-to social media management platform. I love it, because it’s specifically geared towards B2B marketers and lets you track and manage your leads through social media. It also integrates with Feedly, making it a match made in content marketing heaven.

5. RescueTime

Rescue Time

Being scattered and distracted is something we can all relate to. RescueTime is a plug in that aims to help you understand your daily habits. It tracks where and when your distractions occur, so you can be more productive. You can also ban those distracting websites and have an accurate glimpse of exactly how much time you spent on emails or in meetings.



Short for “If This Then That”, IFTTT allows you to automate actions in one app as a response to actions within another. Think about all of the repetitive task you do in a day. Now, think about how great it would be to automate those. Choose from a list of recipes or create your own. IFTTT integrates with a ton of apps and services you use daily – it’s a time saver for sure.

7. Mixmax


Emails are the bane of our work existence. They can be a huge time suck. Mix Max cleans up your inbox by allowing you to track, organize, and automate your emails. It also has productivity features such as templates, mail merging, and scheduling.

8. Slack


If you haven’t already heard of Slack, it’s a messaging app for teams that makes it easy to categorize and track conversations about projects or clients across multiple teams. You can drag and drop to share files, as well as set reminders and notifications. Slack claims to decrease your email up to 48% – woah!

9. Thoughtboxes

Thought Boxes

As an alternative to drowning in Post-it notes, Thoughtboxes are a simple way of keeping all of your notes in one, visually organized page. Categorize and colour code your lists by task, project, or client. You can also use Thoughtboxes to jot down ideas on the fly without leaving a cluster of crumpled stickies in your wake.

10. 1Password


It seems like everything requires a password these days, and our list of passwords to remember is constantly growing. 1Password is an amazing tool that securely stores and auto-fills your passwords whenever you need them, saving you on time and frustrations.