I’m not a woman. So, why do I understand them so well? Actually, I don’t. But I know this – I grew up as the youngest child in a single mother household with two older sisters and experienced many facets of female behavior.  I survived and this is my story:

Let’s start with some facts – Women make greater than 80% of a household’s buying decisions. There are also more women graduating university than males, more women participate in social networks than males, and most new businesses are being started by women.  I assure you these statements are true and If you want the sources for this information and other facts check out this cool video on the SheEconomy.

The point is this – women are the driving force behind most consumer purchasing decisions.  So, why don’t marketers try harder to appeal to them? In addition, what sort of things can the marketing mix include to better engage them?  Well, thank your mother for the web, because it’s a girl’s best friend.

The web has become social. Women are typically social. Coincidence?

Integrating social networking aspects into your online marketing will actually help you better engage with females given their propensity to value other’s opinions, seek information, and rely on recommendations. Provide customer reviews on your product /service and make sure you are seeking the opinions of your customers.  Encourage feedback and reward it.  These things will add to the overall experience of your brand and hopefully foster word of mouth.

Drop the “business is a battle” mentality and nurture relationships

Maybe it worked at some time and perhaps some people still succumb to it, but the “hard sell” is so lame. It’s still important to have a call-to-action and ask for the sale, but it never should be pushy. Never. Provide customer’s with valuable information, consideration and give them some time to think.  The truth is women will buy when they’re ready; not when you want them to.

Be helpful, keep touch points, and show genuine interest in meeting their needs.  Try integrate marketing tactics that are personal and authentic.  Perhaps send an email on somebody’s birthday with a special discount or maybe a free sample.  Many contact management applications allow you to capture this information.  In addition, inject some personality into your efforts since it will make it easier to form emotional connections.

Adopt loyalty programs or online referral mechanisms

Research has shown that women can be fiercely brand loyal and strong advocates for particular items they admire. So, starting a loyalty program that can only be accessed online may be a good method of engagement. Another thing is to treat other people how they want to be treated. Set up an online referral program that gives customers some options for a reward and allow them to make referrals easily using online tools.

In addition, woman tend to juggle many duties so make doing business with your organization as convenient as possible – Clearly state your business hours, address, contact information and integrate online appointment scheduling (if applicable).

So, how did I do?  Despite being a man did I mention anything that resonated with the female perspective? My mother and sisters would be so proud :-) And sorry if I made the guys feel left out, but hopefully this helped you see things from a different angle.