The days of consumers clipping coupons, or waiting for the right promotions on Facebook, Google, from your restaurants, or brands have gotten a little easier with “My Linkables” from Linkable Networks.  Linkable Networks CEO, Tom Burgess and Executive Vice President, Doug Spear demoed their solution for attendees at Finovate Spring 2012 Conference in San Francisco.  Their “My Linkables” patent-pending innovation allows retailers, brands and banks to capitalize on SKU-level card linked offers in the mobile couponing market with an iPhone or Android apps.

Tom Burgess stated that going to the SKU level for customers will provide better control for the consumers and help improve consumer experience. Tom indicated these trends are supported by NCH’s Annual Coupon Facts report where in 2011 $4.6 billion savvy shoppers redeemed coupons and 70% of the savings were at SKU level.

In a simpler mindset, a “Linkable” is a savings offer that can be connected to any of your credit or debit cards that delivers savings to you automatically after you shop. It’s a convenient way to take advantage of advertisers’ online and offline promotions, with no coupons to clip and no paperwork after you shop. Offers can be used online and offline just by using your credit or debit cards.

Linkable Networks’ technology allows consumers to link store-level and manufacturer-level offers directly to your credit or debit card of choice with no point-of-sale integration, no mail-in rebates, and no paper coupons – and the discounts appear directly on the consumer’s bank statement. Linkable Networks is bridging the gap between advertisers, brands, consumers, and financial institutions.

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Co-authored by Barbara Scott. Barbara Scott is a management and business consultant that specializing in business growth, turnaround management, strategy development, implementation and execution, strategic change, human capital leadership and management development. Follow her on Twitter