Today’s consumers suffer from choice overload. They expect interactive purchase decision support and recommendations from brands and retailers, says report.

Who would have predicted that the internet could make some things less convenient?

Don’t get me wrong – several aspects of life are much easier now thanks to the existence of the internet and digital technologies. People can jump between mobile, tablet, and desktop to search for vital information. They can read blogs, listen to podcasts, stream their favorite TV shows and keep in touch with people they care about via social media.

And it lets people shop, anytime and anywhere.

The myriad of options available to today’s consumers allows them to choose from numerous vendors and explore countless products online.

To understand consumer views on support, technology, customer experience and decision-making when they shop, we surveyed over 1,000 consumers between the ages of 17 to 69 across the US, UK and Germany. The results are alarming:

  • More than half (54%) of consumers have stopped purchasing products from a brand or retailer website because choosing the right product was too difficult.
  • In fact, 42% admitted to abandoning a planned purchase altogether because there was too much choice.
  • To prevent decision paralysis, 68% of shoppers want their favorite brands or retailers to provide them with honest and personal advice, while 44% expect proactive product recommendations and tips when shopping online.

Overwhelmed and unsure customers rarely buy.

While it’s true to say that humans like choice, its omnipresence is quickly turning into noise. Without appropriate assistance and guidance, consumers are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unable to make confident purchase decisions.

It presents a great opportunity for innovative, forward-thinking businesses. While competitors focus on pushing products, these businesses are investing in intelligent guidance. When others emphasize diminishing differentiators like price, they offer personal assistance on digital channels to drive long-term business growth.

The true customer-centric brands are laser-focused on creating ‘Human Digital’ experiences.

By 2020, three decades after the World Wide Web has been invented, the digital technology revolution will have significantly changed business and all our lives. Businesses not only have to make interactions with customers faster and more convenient but also more human-centric, personalized, empathetic and understanding.

Companies that understand the challenges people face in a digital world and use this insight to improve their experiences facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship. One where the customer feels valued, and the business can count on a loyal, engaged and lucrative patron.

Because the winners in this digital economy will be the companies that put the needs of people first.

Be inspired!

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