Virgin America in flight safety videoVirgin America’s latest in-flight safety video is a bit of marketing brilliance. Tapping into the Glee generation with its up-tempo song and fast choreography, the video is more like a promotional pop video than an instructional guide to in-flight safety.

The video was directed by John M. Chu, the director of classics Step Up 2, Step Up 3 and Justin Bieber’s 3D concert film Never Say Never.

The video updates the company’s hand-drawn 2007 video, which you can see featured in this round-up on Gizmodo. It has adhered to the Federal Aviation Authority’s guidelines for in-flight safety while finding a much wider audience than Virgin America passengers – millions have viewed it on YouTube, and then many more have read about it in the media.

How long the video will capture the imagination in flight is debatable. One tweeter said it makes them want to ignore their fear of flying and get on a plane. Another commentator on the Virgin America Facebook page said, “Can’t even begin to comprehend how annoying this will be on every single flight.”