Branded gifts and promotional accessories are perhaps the oldest, but most effective form of advertising for any business, and should be the linchpin of any good businesses marketing and advertising strategy.

Promoting an online business is no different to promoting any other type of business, but can be extremely complex and costly.  You may have already considered, or even dabbled in other options, such as social networking, pay per click advertising or traditional print or media advertising.  However, sending new or existing customers a gift emblazoned with your company logo and website address offers a simple and very effective solution that you may not have already considered.

How effective are promotional gifts?

Promotional gifts help to strengthen customer relations and establish strong brand identity and recognition.  You only have to consider the success of the meerkat toys that are currently being given away by Compare the Market insurance to see how this simple giveaway has created a fun and quirky sales tool in a saturated market. The toy ties in with other advertising methods and hav helped to build a loyal customer base in a highly competitive market.

In fact, sending promotional gifts to customers can help to increase repeat orders by as much as 18%.

Gifts that represent your business

Promotional gifts should be immediately related to your business, so it is worthwhile spending some time deciding what you want to say about your company before choosing your gift.  Don’t be afraid to send different gifts to different customer types depending on their needs and spending potential.  An expensive t-shirt or jacket could be reserved for your biggest potential new customers, or most loyal, with personalised pens and post-it pads being sent to smaller or new customers.

You should also take time to promote your company values in the gifts your choose.  If your company is eco aware and making a conscious effort to minimise its effects on the environment, a recycled gift would speak volumes to your customer base and set you apart from your competitors.

There is a huge choice of promotional gifts available through numerous online stores.  It’s worth shopping around to find one that offers a choice of gifts that suit your pocket and support your advertising aims, such as Yesgifts.

Cost effective advertising option

Without a solid advertising strategy an online business may struggle to attract visitors to its site or worse still, to buy anything.

Unlike print or media advertising options, a good quality and useful gift adorned with your company logo and contact details will have staying power – meaning it will carry on advertising your business long after the gift is received.